Christina Aguilera's Secret to Slimdown Is a Sign It May Not Stick

christina aguileraFemale celebs like Christina Aguilera are usually, unfortunately, no strangers to harsh criticism about their bodies. But that doesn't mean, even after years of scrutiny, that it can't take a hefty toll. A friend of the diva's recently said, "A lot of people were on her about her weight and it depressed her. She went through a bad time because of the criticism." Aww, poor XTina.

The upshot was that she was motivated to work out, do yoga, and eat portion-controlled, delivered meals to slim down. Which we're supposed to be impressed by. But sorry, I can't be. Because if her ultimate reason for getting on track was silencing her haters, I just don't see these healthy lifestyle changes sticking.

Of course we can't help but let what others say affect us or influence the actions we take when it comes to weight loss. But to let our efforts hinge solely on what other people are saying is to set ourselves up to fail. Motivation to make permanent healthy changes has to be bigger and more personal than that.

Like Jillian Michaels always says, it has to be about wanting to live to see your grandchild graduate college or being able to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. Or in the shorter-term, having more energy to be better able to keep up with your kids. Just living a full, vital life. Not about getting people to stop wagging their tongues. Because they're NEVER going to. Especially when you're Christina Aguilera!

Also, I gotta say, it's definitely a bummer to hear Christina -- who has this tough diva, take-no-prisoners persona -- may care so much about the noise that she lets it run her life. Come on, girl, you're above that. Do it for you! And little Max! After all, being driven by the factors that hit the closest to home is the best way to not just be thinner -- but healthier and happier to boot. And who wouldn't want that?

What motivates you to be healthier?


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Krist... KristyLizabeth

I guess I'm pretty shallow too I guess, but the main motivating factor for me to work out and eat healthy is to look good for my guy.  I'm pretty healthy even though I yo-yo about 10 to 15 pounds annually.  I just crave those darn carbs so much during the cold months! 

Megan Waugh Fallon

Well Im just as shallow then. Hearing ppl yell wide load is enough to get me off my ass and do something about it then so be it. If it works for her who cares what the motivation was. So because I got tired of the fat jokes, wanting to look good for my husband and to be around for my three kids makes me bust my ass three times a day I'll do it.

uluck... uluckyducky

Why wouldn't she care what people are saying. She is a human being with feeling. Hearing something enough times is enough to get anyone down. I'm happy for her becaise it's not easy to lose weight for any reason, I'm sure she feels better on many fronts now.

nonmember avatar Dawn

And yet you are one of the bloggers talking about how she looks physically! Pot and kettle! It is human nature to want to look good and be perceived as good looking. No one just loses weight because they want to do it just for themselves. It is complex and layered just like every other human emotion!

nonmember avatar Dana

This whole article is stupid. Anyone that knows ANYTHING about Christina knows she could care less about anyone's opinion of her. She is not losing weight to please the haters. That makes no sense to anyone except bloggers and rag magazines trying to sell their junk. She is losing weight for herself. That's the only reason she does anything is because she feels it's right for her. Whoever came up with this article needs to do their homework & not rely on half-truths reported by other uniformed journalists.

amnew... amnewlon8982

There are people on my life that I wish would make the decision to try to be healthier. Most aren't a little overweight either. Some fall into the morbidly obese category. I have tried to be encouraging but it is hard to do so when I have to put up with comments about my size. I am 5'9" and even pregnant weigh in at 145 in my seventh month. I am this size because I choose to be. At my heaviest I was 250 so I know what it's like. I made a decision to change and while age and s change on my thyroid condition helped, most downplay the fact that I ate healthy and still do plus I became loads more active. So it wasn't a miracle or stroke of luck.

amnew... amnewlon8982

And if the comments weren't stuff like "skinny bitch" or "are you sure you're eating enough for the baby?" then I may not be offended or hurt but I worked very hard for this and I get the skinny snarky comments are meant to be in good humor, when you hear them all the time, it just gets old.

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