Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry Aren't 'Just Friends' No Matter What They Say

katy perryYou might want to hold off placing that bulk order for those Robert Pattinson Loves Katy Perry t-shirts you designed -- word on the street is that these two are just buddies. A source told Perez Hilton that they're "super good friends" and that there's "nothing romantic in it." Even though they were spotted together at a wedding rehearsal in Santa Barbara last weekend, apparently RPattz and Katy are simply friends without benefits.

But, if romantic comedies have taught us anything, it's that these two will 100 percent end up together.


I'm sorry, but I didn't waste my teen years watching movies like She's All That, Can't Hardly Wait, and 10 Things I Hate About You for nothing. They showed me, and all of us, that there are two unalienable truths in life. One, you'll end up with the guy who starts out as your friend, and two, wear glasses if only so you can take them off at a dramatic moment and up your hotness factor tenfold.

Katy and Rob can deny their chemistry all they want, but they're one longing glance away from becoming a couple. Plus, Katy's got a thing for Britons. Her ex Russell Brand hailed from the U.K., and while Rob's accent is a bit more, uh, subtle than Russell's, I'm sure it still sounds sexy to Katy.

And Rob? He has a thing for California girls. Kristen Stewart's from the Golden State, and so is Katy.

You guys, all that's missing is a dance montage to a modern remake of an old Motown hit and these two will be BF/GF in no time.

Do you think Rob and Katy will end up together?


Photo via samborowski/Flickr

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