Robert Pattinson's Mom May Have Been to Blame for Breakup With Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonYesterday the cause of their split was Kristen Stewart's marriage demands, but today, Robert Pattinson's mom is being thrown under the bus as being responsible for the end of Robsten.

Apparently Mama Pattinson (Clare) was less than thrilled when Rob took Kristen back after she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, and honestly, can you blame her?

What mom in her right mind would be cool with her son getting back together with someone who publicly betrayed and humiliated him -- especially if she'd seen the photographic evidence of the cheating with her own eyes?


But I guess she kind of had to suck it up for Rob's sake when he made the decision to give things with Kristen one more try -- even though she wasn't happy about it.

However, it had to have been pretty tough for Rob to enter back into a relationship with someone his mother didn't approve of.

According to an insider who talked to Look magazine, "Rob is very close to his family and holds their opinion in high esteem, so when it came down to it he chose to stick with his blood rather than his heart."

Aww. That Rob. He's such a family-oriented dude. (Bet Kristen is really kicking herself now for letting a married man come between them.)

If what this source says is true and Rob's mom really was opposed to him being with Kristen, then it's not surprising at all that things fell apart. I don't care who you are -- if your family does't like your significant other (or vice versa), the relationship is pretty much doomed from the start. Or at least if you're the type of person who is super close to your family, it will.

Because if the two parties aren't fond of each other, eventually you have to pick a side, and nine times out of ten, the family wins -- especially in the case of two people who are still in their 20s like Rob and Kristen. Their families have been in their lives way longer than the two of them have been an item, so it only makes sense for Rob's loyalty to stay with the people who raised him -- not some girl he fell for on a movie set.

I guess it really is true what they say: "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy."

Do you think it's possible that Rob's mom is the reason he and Kristen split?


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