Kylie Jenner's Date With Jaden Smith Dressed as 'Iron Man' Must Have Been Awkward

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Jaden SmithOnce, I was startled when a man showed up on a date wearing a bow tie, so I can only imagine what went through Kylie Jenner's mind when boyfriend Jaden Smith showed up for their date ... in an Iron Man outfit. Jaden was completely incognito in the signature red and tan superhero duds as he and Kylie had dinner at Nobu 57 in New York. Seriously, they let him in there in that thing? How'd you like to be noshing sushi across from that?

Sooooo ... Jaden is 14. I'll cut him some slack. Kylie, at 15, is the "older woman." And if she wants to put up with a guy who shows up to dinner in a superhero outfit ... well, that's what you get for dating a 14-year-old.

But can I just say? This doesn't bode well for Jaden's maturity level. Kylie looked cute in a leopard print dress and black booties -- and her boyfriend was in a superhero mask. Is there a future here? How will he handle a mortgage? If he starts dressing up like that gecko from the Geico commercials, she should make him clean his room.

I mean, it could be worse. He could have dressed up as Aqua Girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But in a world where kids are so eager to grow up fast, maybe Jaden should be commended for still being a big kid. Still being that kid who loves a good costume, even if it's not Halloween. I repeat: Jaden is only 14. I'm hoping that he and Kylie aren't, you know, dating dating, and are just sort of "hanging out" as the kids say now. And I'm glad Kylie isn't "hanging out" with some 38-year-old mogul. Though at 15, that would be highly illegal.

Anyway, this just seems like a fun kids' day out -- they even had friends with them -- and it's nice to see teens doing something besides causing trouble on Twitter. But, Jaden, take off the outfit for prom, okay?

What do you think of Jaden's costume?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

His new movie just got beyond horrible reviews... he's probably hoping to shift focus. lol

nonmember avatar kaerae

No member of the Smith family can bear the thought of not being the center of attention for a minute. They're not the best-looking folks, so they try to be the most outrageous.

LueRae Foster

Personally I think that Will and Jada are both very attractive. And their kids look just like them. I will admit that they are going through that awkward pre-teen/teen stage, but like the rest of us, they will grow out of it. I don't know why he wore that costume, but it could have been a dare, a bet, or just being silly. Who are we to judge? He's just a kid.

mompam mompam

Just looking for attention. Dumb.

Regina Tatum

3 of the 4 people who commented are stupid idiots. He is a kid, let him be that then we won't have so many kids turning out like Lindsey Lohan, Justin Bieber, Amanda Bynes to name a few. Let these kids have their turn at being a child and let them be grown ups when they turn that age......dumb ass idiots

fredd... freddiey03

Why is the stir bashing kids again? Celebrity or not, I think children should be off limits when it comes to these type of blogs. Layoff being a jerk. This boy is 14, his girlfriend is 15. They are kids.

nonmember avatar Gaby

I think it's rather adorable. I would love my boyfriend (if I had one) more if he came to our date in a superhero costume. Nothing wrong with showing your inner child, okay?

nonmember avatar Melissa

Id ont like him!!! Hes too much of a show off!!!

Teal Chastain Blacksten

I'm kind of proud of myself that I didn't even know they were dating. LOL


Isn't he a little old to be acting like this?

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