Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson May Have Broken Up Over Marriage & Kids

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartThere are probably several reasons for why they ultimately wound up calling it quits, but now it looks like there's a chance that Kristen Stewart pressuring Robert Pattinson to get engaged, settle down, have a family, and all that good stuff may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

According to a report in OK! Magazine, "Kristen wanted to go straight back to where they’d been before they first split up and pushed Rob really hard on it. She wanted the whole package: the house, the wedding, and even the baby. It was all way too much for Rob to handle."

Well, duh. Of course it was. And if there's any truth to this story, it's no wonder he packed his stuff, moved out of Kristen's home, and went running for the border (of Los Feliz, California).

Ok, let's just go ahead and state the obvious -- this report was put out by a gossip magazine, so we can't really know for sure if what this source says is true or not.

But would you really be all that surprised to hear that Kristen did everything in her power to make sure Rob didn't slip out of her clutches ever again? I mean, it's kind of a wonder that he was willing to take her back in the first place after she was caught red-handed in a lip-lock with Rupert Sanders.

And after he did, Kristen must have been shaking in her boots the entire time waiting for the ball to drop. I'm sure she was scared to death that he'd eventually wise up and have a change of heart, so it would make total sense for her to try and get a ring on her finger to ensure a commitment as soon as possible. And if marriage wouldn't have locked him down -- odds are good that a baby would've gotten rid of any notion he may have had of leaving her again.

Because if she got knocked up and he ran for the hills, he'd look like a real jerk. Then he'd be the bad guy responsible for the failure of their relationship -- not her.

But if this really was Kristen's little plan all along, obviously it backfired miserably. Maybe if she'd just let things take a natural course, she and Rob would've finally gotten their happy ending. (And if nothing else, they would've made Twihards happy.)

Do you think Kristen was pushing for marriage and kids?


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Carol Walker

Why would she want to marry Rob? I wouldn't want him especially having been with Katy Perry the slut. Rob has been with Katy for a long time as friends and bed buddies, they are fooling his fans and friends. Who goes away for a weekend together and is caught sitting looking at a wedding rehearsal. What is Katy telling Rob this is how I want our wedding to be. Kristen may have made a mistake, but you are still talking about something almost a year ago get a life. Rob never should have taken her back if he was going to treat her badly and believe Katy had a hand in it also. Now both of them are working together to do John the same way with her asking him to her house for Memorial Day read between the lines. Rob is nothing and Katy is a double nothing. Kristen is going to put both of them to shame, she is more of a woman than Katy will ever be.

Seth Aicklen

I'm rooting for Rob & Kristen also.  I think this story is BS.  I doubt that she wants marriage & a baby now, with anyone.  I am not even sure that she wants Rob back.  We really have no verifiable idea why they split up.

Blkbe... Blkbeauty1

Yes, who would not have with a man like that if they were like Kristen? I am so happy that he wised up and got out while he could.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love u Rob.

Seth Aicklen

Carol Walker -- where do you get your information?  Does it make you feel superior to crucify these famous celebrities?  How has your own behavior compared with the accusations you made about them?  How about making it public and open to criticism and inference by any jerk who reads it online?  Do you have the right to get into private lives of others at all?  Kristen made hers somewhat public after getting caught, but the others have not.  Mind your own business.

Ashley Hayes

No i dont Shes a women women want kids

Sheila Bennett



Wendi Beehler Shute

Its all pretty funny If you think about it al;l...Rob wanted to marry her when she wasn't sure about it all, now that she wants to marry him, he doesn't want it????? Remember, Kissing a guy is ablot different than doing the nasty with someone, which there are stories that say Rob did when they were broke up, so why does he think HE is so much better than her???May he never make a mistake ......Please....and If he treated her this bad before no wonder she turned to someone who seemed to appreciate her.....but its all hear say and we may never really know the true answer...WE do know they have alot of Chemistry together so will that play when he tries to get with someone else???/Time will tell!

nonmember avatar MaMundt

Im glad Kristen can live her life now. In my eyes Rob is a drunk almost all his pics he looks wasted. Not to mention how nasty he looks!! Always looks dirty:(. He's no Edward in real life!!

silen... silentlady

umm having a ring on your finger does NOT "ensure" a committment - I'm sure you've heard of people calling of engagements or getting divorces?

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