Tamra Barney's Wedding Invites Could Tear Apart 'RHOC' Cast -- Just Like She Wants

Tamra BarneyAs if Tamra Barney hadn't already alienated enough of The Real Housewives of Orange County ladies, she's driving wedges in even deeper with her upcoming wedding. Even though Bravo's given her a big wedding spin-off of her own, we likely won't see many of the other ladies on it at all because Tamra has reportedly banned most of them from her wedding.

Tamra recently told the National Enquirer, "Let's just say not all the Housewives will be invited." Not so surprisingly, Alexis Bellino is at the top of the do-not-admit list, despite the efforts of Vicki Gunvalson.

A source told the magazine:

Vicki had been trying to smooth things over. She was hoping to broker an end to the feud so that Tamra would invite Alexis to the wedding. But Alexis just couldn’t resist taking another shot at Tamra — and that ended any change of getting all the ‘Housewives’ together. Both Tamra and Eddie want nothing to do with Alexis

Actually, Vicki herself may not even get an invite. When asked if she'd be invited, Tamra told the magazine, "Um, maybe." Wow, I bet Vicki can't wait to RSVP with an enthusiastic response like that.

That's fine. It would be nice if she used this occasion to bring everyone together and mend fences, but it's Tamra's big day, and she should be able to invite only those who she wants. And frankly, I doubt any of them are dying for an invite anyway, except Gretchen Rossi. Tamra hasn't been exactly kind to any of the rest of them, and after she threw Alexis out of her gym-warming party, they're probably a little scared to be near her on her wedding day. Let's face it, if ever there was a bridezilla, Tamra certainly is prime for the role.

She reportedly is relishing this opportunity to create even more drama too. A source said: "This wedding may be tearing the cast apart, and Tamra loves it." So much for that nicer, kinder leaf she was going to turn over.

Which ladies do you think will end up attending Tamra's wedding? Do you think it will drive an even bigger wedge between the ladies?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Carole

Bravo orchestrated loves it.

Victo... Victoria0785

There's no way in hell I'd invite Alexis if I were her! Your wedding is not the place to have negative people. Vicki has been a bitch to her for years as well, so I don't think I'd invite her either. Gretchen and Heather will be invited, possibly Lydia. This is her wedding, not another episode of RHOC, she's not obligated to invite any of them. Kim only invited Kandi and Sherre. Bethenny only invited Ramona and 1 other person. This is more their real life, so why would you invite negative people you don't actually hang I out with?

Hannah Ann Smith

Who would want to go see that witch get married to hubby #3? Can't think of a more hideous way to spend a day than to see that middle aged cougar tie the knot with her boy toy...eccchhh.

Mobenah Aboubeid

yeah she will definately be the biggest, meanest, beady black eyed bridezilla. her mother looks like a crackhead, and tamra getting a spin off, I am  not watching.


Sherrian Fuson Francis

Hasn't been sounding like Eddie even intends to be there if you llsten carefully. If he is there it won't last long unless her attitude changes drastically. My mother always said pretty is as pretty does. Welll this pretty girl has changed so much I don't like her at all anymore. Talk about a walking, talking, living, breathing btch.  She's right there at the top. Some day she will regret a lot of this.

Wanda Eide

its her wedding unless those people are going to pay for it she can ask who ever the hell she wants

Jill Jones Smith

Just because she is paid to work with a bunch of ladies (RHOC) doesn't mean they are truly her friends. This is her wedding and she may invite her true friends..not one's that she is paid to be friendly with on tv!

Kathleen Stanley

i wouldnt invite most of them either i love tamra her wedding is her choice get over it

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