‘RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Is Delusional About What the Show Is Doing to Her Family

melissa gorgaDenial ain't just a river in Egypt. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga told WetPaint that she'll have no problem walking away from the show if it ever starts to affect her family, which is as hilarious a statement as it is painfully unaware. Melissa! Darling! The show has, and will continue, to affect your family. Time to wake up and smell the dank Jersey air.

By Melissa's logic, her three children have not been affected by the following:

  • Their aunt Teresa Giudice's insistence on selling stories to the tabloids about their troubled relationship.
  • Their uncle Joe's felony charges for using his brother's ID to illegally obtain a licence.
  • The fact that their uncle cheats on their aunt and calls her a c*nt and a bitch.
  • The enormous, bloody brawl that broke out at one of their christenings.
  • Their father's constant and dramatic bickering with his sister.
  • Their father's threats against their uncle.
  • Their mother's toxic relationship with their aunt.
  • The fact that bringing the "wrong" cookies to a party can start an all-out familial war.
  • The moving they've had to do to be farther away from their family.
  • The cameras.
  • The sense of entitlement that accompanies reality TV stardom.
  • The intense lack of privacy.

I love the dynamic that the Gorgas bring to the show, and the drama they provide can't be beat, but let's not pretend for a second that this show is not absolutely ruining their lives. 

You've gotta be some sort of egomaniac to think that you can go on one of the most popular reality series and walk away unscathed. Newsflash, Meliss: your family's already doomed.

What do you think of Melissa's comment?


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Princess Harjit Rita Singh-May

Melissa is better tna Teres in every way, Teresa knows this and that is wy she is so jealous of her sister-in-law. Sghe is the one who is delusional.devil

Kristina Sirakanian

Golddigger, manipulator, instigator and a jealous, arrogant bitch.


DannoMom DannoMom

She's not delusional, just desperate. There have been many reports about the Gorga's financial problems. She, like many of the women in these shows, probably needs the salary the show provides. After that, ego gets involved. Why walk away from notariety?

Debbie Irvin

Some of the jealousy in these comments is funny. Sisterhood goes right down the toilet when a woman preceived to be too pretty, too built, with a husband who loves her dearly leaves some feeling less than adiquaint.


Lynette Kolhmeyer

I'm sorry Lindsey, but one would have to wonder where you got your education. This article, if that is what you are calling it, was nothing short of you trying to maybe save your job hoping "we" leave comments? I really though the way you used the bullets to make each comment (clearly not needed), we can read in paragraph form as most of us, I'm sure, have made it through elementary school. Maybe numbering them would've been better so we could count how many comments you had to say about their family. Maybe I should have changed the font on the word "you" or capped it since this seems to be how you communicate. But I made that statement because this article is what YOU pointed out, not anyone else just YOU. There were no fans that were asked questions or had opinions, just yours. Just in case you do not watch the show, because it appears you just collect information from other's articles, this family has had problems before Melissa even came into the family. If you wanted to just talk trash, then you did a great job. I really hope whomever pays you to "write" for them, reads my comment and realizes that you obviously like to talk trash to try to get attention. I'm sorry I wasted my time to even check out what I thought was going to be something interesting. I hope you get very few comments and you need not write a comment back to me because I will not be checking back!

Bernice Westover

Dillusonal is Teresa and failing horribly in the parenting department.  For the most part the Gorga's keepsthe family feud away from their kids.  Not Teresa and Joe, they say stuff the kids don't need to be hearing, then they repeat it and hurt people.  That Gia is a snotty brat that needs to be reeled in.  She says things that should not be said by a child and they just laugh it off.  Gia is going to be ten times worse than her mother.  That snarky look she gets when she tells her Mom she likes a boy, like she's daring her to say something.  Did anyone else notice when Gia & Joe were having ice cream that she had acrylic nails on with a french manicure?  Why does a 11 going on 12 year old girl need that?  And has anyone heard what's going on with Joe Gudice's court case?  His ass should be in prison.  In the past it may have been a fine and/or a few days in jail, but that all changed on 9-11.  I think that's covered under Homeland Security and that is a federal fence.

JaneD... JaneDoh57

People, wake up....this show is purely for our entertainment......Reality???? ha ha ha.....Melissa is an intelligent woman.....she went to Gias party minus Joe knowing there would be conflict with Theresa and Kim....now most intelligent women wouldnt put themselves or children in that situation, right? She made an appearance for Bravo....this was for our entertainment and worked well....Gia got the limelight with a big Bravo paid party.....would they pay for all that knowing no one would watch a kids party unless there was some drama? Its all entertaining and has US talking....Im waiting for a big season finale this year, maybe Carolines son will finally come out of the closet????

Reali... Realityaddict

Melissa isn't the one that should leave, Teresa should!  Look at the list, its all stuff involving Teresa, but then again isn't that drama just what Bravo ordered?


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