Alexander Skarsgard Takes His Agoraphobic Niece to Movie Premiere -- Whoops, That's Ellen Page!

ellen page alexander skarsgard

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this shot of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page at the premiere of The East is worth ... whatever, I suck at math. The point is, I mean, come on! Could they BE any more awkward of a couple?? Alexander Skarsgard looks like he's taking his agoraphobic niece to the prom. I'm frightened, Uncle Alexander! I can't go in there! Seriously. I get that red carpet events can be nerve-wracking, but Page is literally clinging to Askars for dear life. (Although, to be fair, who wouldn't?! It's not like I'd let go of Alexander God Among Men Skarsgard if I ever got ahold of him.)

Still. There's just something creepy about the whole thing. Is this a celeb couple in love, or a super hot Swedish dude with the human equivalent of one of those clip-on koalas stuck to his lapel??

There's only one explanation for Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page actually being a couple, which is that ... uh ... yeah. I got nothin' here, people. I can't tell you what goes on in ASkars and/or Ellen Page's heads.

But I can guess! For example, here are a few things they might be thinking in this pic ...

ASkars: This little girl is stepping on my foot.

Ellen Page: I should've worn taller heels.

ASkars: This little girl really needs to get her foot off of my foot.

Ellen Page: People are scary.

ASkars: I am smiling through the pain. My FOOT!!!

Ellen Page: Why are they all looking at me?!

What do you think Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page are thinking in this picture?

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nonmember avatar Caroline

This is so mean-spirited. I'm the same size as Ms. Page and also have a young face, and it's hard enough being teased (at 31) for my stature, let alone when I date a tall man. My boyfriend is 6'2 and I sometimes hate the looks. As for the photo, it was probably taken at a bad split-second when she tried to fix his blazer button or something. I find the "the human equivalent of one of those clip-on koala" comment pretty offensive. I don't think tall or overweight people would like similar remarks.

LAHnT... LAHnTAH0812

Sounds like somebody is jealous. Ellen page has more talent in one finger than all the stirs writers do combined

Victo... Victoria0785

Oh hey look, another stir blog that is mean without merit! I'm over these types of articles slamming people like Ellen, Taylor, Miley, Kristen for no reason other than jealousy. How do you know this pic wasn't snapped after she took a misstep? He's laughing, so maybe he told a joke she didn't like. There's a million and 2 reasons this pic could he awkward, including that this is one of their first major events together.

blunt... bluntcakes

I agree with the first commenter. I'm 23 and can pass for 16 even with make up I'm 5'5" And small-ish. It sounds like you're jealous or something and it is mean spirited. Her bad for not looking her age

nonmember avatar Pam

The link Jacqueline got this photo from has some lovely pictures of the couple. This kind of mean spirited writing shouldn't be tolerated by the stir. Otherwise it will remain a site where writers don't provide all the facts, where headlines don't match the content, and where writers demean themselves by making fun of people for the price of a blog post.

Liz Weaver

Why oh why isn't there an "unlike" buttons, Stirsters???

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

I actually think it is a cute piture!! 

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

human equivalent of one of those clip-on koalas stuck to his lapel .... HA HA HA HAH HA. THAT. IS. BRILLIANT.

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