Justin Bieber Gets New Baby Daddy Accusation & This One Might Be True

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justin bieberIt's happening again. Another woman claims that Justin Bieber fathered her daughter. You may recall, single mom Mariah Yeater filed a paternity lawsuit against the singer in 2011, claiming he impregnated her after a concert at L.A.'s Staples Center. She later dropped the case. Now, another woman insists The Biebs is her baby daddy.

Whether you want to Belieb it or not, there just may be some truth to this one.

There is something to that old cliche -- where there's smoke, there's fire. Besides, why is this concept so hard to accept? He’s a young, hormonal gazillionaire. Their night minutes of passion allegedly occurred in Miami back in 2010 when he was only 15 years old. Even more reason to wonder if it's true. It can be hard for a teen to resist hot girls. And just because he's a Christian doesn't mean the kid is a saint.

Right now, the woman -- who is 25 -- is concealing her identity. Which is probably because of the backlash she will undoubtedly get for supposedly having sex with a minor. (If her dates are accurate, he would have been just 15 at the time and that's a crime.) You have to admit, it's a bit gross. In any case, sources say she is 100 percent sure that Justin is the father. Though most interesting is the fact that friends say she doesn't plan to ask him for a dime and has no desire to be a celebrity. Apparently, she is leaving it up to Justin to decide how involved he wants to be in the child's life.

Of course his camp denies the claims. But if the little girl is his, would that be so awful? It's doubtful it would affect his career. It only goes to show that he -- like most kids are when they are 15 -- is sometimes irresponsible. And if he took care of the kid -- which he easily could with all that cash -- what's the big deal? Yes, he would be a young parent (and some would say too young), but he's in a much better position than many other teen parents.

Do you think this baby is Justin's?


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miche... micheledo

Um, wouldn't that make her a sex offender??? I have no idea how old Justin is, but he can't be more then twenty, can he?? That would make her sexual advances towards him, illegal and she could go to jail!

nonmember avatar singer825

Interesting that she's come forward 3 years later seeing as though the statute of limitations in Florida on statutory rape is 3 years...

miche... micheledo

Yeah, just realized the date. She was 22 and he was 15. What kind of sick woman does that AND then admits to it?? I doubt it is true and she really does want the fame. Thouh I hope she ends up getting arrested for alleged sex wit ha minor.

nonmember avatar damien

ya she dont wanna come forward...pedophile alert...but of course stir loving her and putting all blame on him...as usual..

nonmember avatar sarah

would that be so awful? the stir in favor of 22 year olds banging 15!!.i wonder if it was other way would they be in favor.no of course not.MORE TO PITY

nonmember avatar franklin

SOME would say too young? Is there anyone on the planet that would say that 15 is NOT too young to father a child? Additionally, I'm offended by your comment that "just because he's a Christian doesn't mean he's a saint." As if anyone who isn't Christian wouldn't have a problem with a 15 year old having sex with a 22 year old?

Sierr... SierraLynn

Im normally not one to bitch and complain about a few years difference for dating teens and such as I dated a guy years older then me when i was 16 but a 22 year old woman with a 15 year old boy is just gross and wrong...

nonmember avatar blh

Uhh, as everyone before has stated, that's statutory rape. That woman is gross. And if she didn't want anything why would she even say anything about it??

Zi Jones

i was gonna say what everyone else has already said-isn't that statutory rape and yes that is disgusting.

Diane Collins Smith

Well, she could very well get charged w/RAPE for gosh sake.

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