'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: Rick's Love Life, Crazy New Weapons & a Mysterious New Location

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Walking Dead season 4We've got several months before The Walking Dead comes back on the air in October, which means there's PLENTY of time to continue speculating about what's going to happen in season 4. That is, of course, just how AMC likes it -- and the fans have been doing their part to spark discussion by releasing some tantalizing photos and teases that hint at the action to come.

If you prefer to avoid any and all potential spoilers for the upcoming Walking Dead episodes (and some critical details about who didn't survive season 3), here's your choice to click elsewhere! Otherwise, let's take a look at the very latest revelations about where the story might take us in season 4.

AMC's first official photo. The network released the first official image from season 4, and while it's not terribly exciting in terms of giving anything away, it's still got a hell of a foreboding vibe that seems in line with executive producer Gale Hurd's promise that "we are going to amp up the threat of walkers, because they’ve started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat. (...) it would be a good bet to say that the zombies become more threatening in seasons to come."

Of course, the picture only shows a solitary walker approaching a wearily distracted Rick, but I think it's safe to assume that we're going to see a LOT of undead action next season. Which brings me to ...

New zombie-killing weaponry. Props master John Sanders has said that this season he finally gets to introduce his very favorite walker dispatching device:

My favorite implement will be this season. I’ve been waiting for two years, trying to talk to [producer/special effects make-up designer] Gregory Nicotero about doing this to a walker, and he saw it this year and just jumped on it. I can’t really tell you what it is, but I can tell you it’s going to be the craziest thing on the show, yet. What I can say is that walkers are going to get killed in newer ways this year than any other year before.

Ooh, what could it be? Guillotine? Some sort of explosive? Brain-targeting missile? WHAT?

The new location. Creator Robert Kirkman has said that although the show will start at the prison, we can expect new locations. Rumors have been swirling around this topic ever since fans posted a series of filming location photos, including this one:

Assuming these are true Walking Dead location spots and someone wasn't mistakenly taking photos of an unrelated project, it looks like we can expect to see something happening with this abandoned Big Spot surrounded with military tents. One fan theorizes that the makeshift army base -- which is rumored to be the site of an upcoming plane crash in the show -- will be used for a particular storyline, rather than the location of Rick's new camp:

A guess is that the military set-up was from when the zombie apocalypse first happened. The plane that crashed into Big Spot will most likely be a military plane and the only survivor (in my opinion) will be the army medic that will be appearing in season 4.

Ahh, that's a good guess, since The Wire's Lawrence Gilliard Jr. will be joining the show next season, reportedly as Army medic Bob Stookey.

Rick's (lack of) love life. If the rumors are true, the new season will be picking up several months after season 3 left off, so it will have been almost a year since Lori died. Is that enough time for Rick to start hooking up with another survivor, what with the pool of available non-zombified women being pretty small now and all? Probably not, according to actor Andrew Lincoln:

I think that there has to be some kind of mourning time. I don’t think he’s able to engage at all on that level at the moment. (...) I think Sarah Wayne Callies would be phoning me deeply upset if anything like that would be happening in Season 4.


Of course, no one on the Walking Dead cast or crew ever truly commits to anything, so he made sure to add a frustrating caveat:

I wouldn’t rule (a new relationship) out though.

Look, that's all well and good for Rick, but can we talk about who we REALLY want to see in a relationship? Yeah, I'm talking about Daryl Dixon, and by "in a relationship," I mean "HAVING HOT MONKEY SEX ONSCREEN." Make it happen, Walking Dead writers. Make. It. Happen.

What's your call -- do you think the survivors will leave the prison altogether in season 4?

Images via AMC, Walking Dead Locations

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nonmember avatar The Informer

Based on the comic book series. You can expect the governor to return and kill both Hershel and Tyreese, Carol will probably die and they will return to the rest of the group will return to the farm for a little. But based on how the series has been following the comics anything could happen. Heck, Andrea, Dale, and even Sophia should still be alive.

nonmember avatar Sean

I think they will leave the prison. They leave in issue 48 in the comic and they have already been in there a while. I think that they should go meet Abraham soon and Douglas also and move into the community, as that is within a large part of the series after they leave the prison. They could go into the brief story line in the comic where they encounter cannibals. But, wherever it goes, you can count on me watching.
P.S: i recommend anyone who loves the walking dead show, read the comic. All of them are on youtube for free

nonmember avatar LT

Even though it was only 6 issues of the comics, I think the Hunters arc was extremely intense. The way they seem to be stretching out the whole prison part of the story over 2 seasons now, I hope they can turn 6 issues into a good in depth tv-version of the Hunters mini-storyline

nonmember avatar Melissa

As much as I love Daryl I'm not sure how having him in a relationship would be practical. The reason being is because he has so many trust issues. Maybe a physical relationship would work short term but not a long lasting one for so many reason, mostly because the woman would probably end up dead (Daryl is safe at least for now). Some people want him and Carol to hook up and I'm not against that but I like Daryl as he is.

nonmember avatar gildaroy

Based on the comic book series, you can expect it to go NOTHING like the comics from now on. They butchered it, and the comics don't decide who dies, the fans approval ratings do.

Paulina Wolańska

Watch full episode of The walking Dead on:

nonmember avatar Jeff Brown

I definitely predict that they will leave the prison before the end of season 4, and possibly even by the end of the first half of the season (8 episodes). While I have thoroughly enjoyed the prison as a setting for the show, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again in Season 4, I am also excited to see them "hit the road" once again. Headed toward Ft. Benning?

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