Jenelle Evans Might Be Pregnant ... Or She Likes People to Think She Is!

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Jenelle EvansI don't think there's anything that someone could tell me about Jenelle Evans that would surprise me at this point. After all those assault charges and her trip to love addiction rehab, the Teen Mom star has pretty much covered all of her messed up bases. Now her ex-fiance Gary Head is taking to Twitter claiming that Evans is pregnant again. Not just that, she's also considering abortion.

In true dramatic fashion, the tweets have all been deleted. But let's talk about the important issue here: Jenelle PREGNANT?! OK, so maybe not, but HELLO, she hasn't come out to deny any of this! Even worse? If she is pregnant, there are photos of Jenelle out drinking just last weekend!

At this point I'm positive that Jenelle doesn't care one way or the other WHAT is being said about her in the media. I think Jenelle is pretty much immune to this wretched image she's made for herself.

She claims a private conversation between Gary and herself where she doesn't want to speak about his pregnancy claims was "leaked" online, but it surely wouldn't surprise me if SHE did the leaking. Why? Well, because hand-in-hand with her not caring what anyone has to say about her -- I think she likes that people are talking about her. As long as people are saying her name, she's relevant, she gets more Twitter followers, she feels like a big deal.

It's a sad, sad world -- isn't it? I just hope for her sake that, no, she's not pregnant. If she is and decides to get an abortion, I pray that she's safe about it. Not to worry, I'm sure we'll hear about the outcome VERY soon.

Do you think Jenelle could be pregnant again? Do you think she likes the negative attention?


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Setsuki Setsuki

Who put their dick in crazy this time?

cleig... cleigh717

Lol @ setsuki.

nonmember avatar carla

she looks bad like she is still on the drugs .my god what if she is pregnant that baby will be a high as she is .

Brandy Smith

wow...this girl goes from bad to worse in no time flat. smdh! she needs to grow tf up already.


Lisa Cox Fellwock

She should do more than consider abortion she still can't take care of the first one. She does not need another child for her mother to raise

Lisa Cox Fellwock

why don't these dumbasses use birth control....its hard enough to be a teen mom and to keep having them is just their own stupidity but its the poor babies that pay. Kailyn though i feel is gonna be a great mom just as she was to Isaac and shes married now and financially stable to have another child. Hope she has a girl!!!

nonmember avatar Emily

It is girls like her who give all teen moms a bad name. She isn't even a mom to the child she already has and she goes and spreads her legs and is possibly pregnant again. I don't believe in abortion but for the sake of everyone involved it would be best. If she has this baby it will be born addicted to drugs and her mom will not only be raising Jace but raising a drug baby too. Jenelle is lucky to have the mom she does who is there to raise her son for her but this girl needs to grow up and be the mom her son needs. Jace may not understand right at this moment what is going on and why he never sees his mommy but when he is older he would understand and he will hate her. Clean up and raise your child!!!!

Kelly Simmons

who cares she is nothing but a whore who will never be a good the world a favor get rid of it

Chelsea Bowen

she lost it months ago. gary was with her. and yeah

Jessica Rochelle Fernandes

jenelle should never be able to reproduce ever again!! all she cares is about her self because she is selfish big time!!! if she is pregnant child protective services should be called and have that baby ripped from her arms oohh wait she doesnt even know how to be a mother point blank!!!! SHE SHOULD BE FIXED PERMANENTLY

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