'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Might Be Back on TV Sooner Than We Thought

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Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciHuh. Well that's pretty odd. They've tried their hardest to brand themselves as a couple who has no interest in fame -- so how are we supposed to explain a new rumor that has popped up about Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici scoring a reality show spinoff?

Yes, I said there's a chance that Sean and Catherine could wind up being the stars of their very own reality TV show. The rumor goes a little something like this: All these two have to do is get hitched, and BOOM -- they'll land themselves a blossoming career in entertainment.

(Sure sounds easy enough. Where do I sign up for a deal like that?)

OMG, people. Is this the most laughable idea you've ever heard or what?!?

Can you seriously picture these two as the stars of a reality show? I mean, it took every ounce of willpower we had to sit through each of their less than exciting dates on The Bachelor, so how in the heck are they going to carry a full hour (or even a half-hour) of air time?

And aside from that, what exactly will this hypothetical show be about?

Since they apparently have to get married in order to land it, I'm guessing it would have something to do with following their lives as newlyweds. You know, kind of like how MTV did with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. (Back in the good old days.)

I can already picture the Sean and Catherine version of Newlyweds in my head. 

Here's how I'm guessing a typical episode would go.

Sean comes home after a grueling workout at the gym. He opens the door, yells, "Honey, I'm home!" -- at which point Catherine looks up from her laptop and glances in his general direction, but doesn't smile or say a word. He asks her why she seems pissed off. She tells him he left the seat up in the bathroom again. His eyes grow wide and he sternly says, "You know it's not polite to speak of such things, dear." She rolls her eyes. He storms off and heads upstairs to shower. The camera catches her crying. The end.

Honestly, can you imagine it playing out any other way? Unlike Nick and Jessica's show, there will be no farting. No burping. And no hilarious one-liners that viewers will talk about over and over again for years to come.

Yep, I think it's safe to say I'm already bored to tears and this show may or may not even happen.

But, duh -- of course I'll watch it anyway if it ever becomes a reality. I simply won't be able to help myself.

Do you think Sean and Catherine should get their own reality show?


Image via Jason Kempin/Getty

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Debbie Lukas

NO , they shouldn't have one.  Haven't they had enough.  I sure had.  Don't get me wrong, I like them as a couple, but not as a reality TV couple.  You saw what happened with Nick and Jessica, the same thing could happen to them.  I think they should just live there lives as a regular couple and forget about reality TV.  

Vikki Mendoza


blank stare

Angela Gomez

One of the most BORING bachelors EVER... I would say umm NO!

nonmember avatar Jay

I ask this will all due or undue respect, what difference does it make to you? First of all you began your article with the word "rumor". Are we believing those now? So, if they do get a series, what do you care? Will you just not tune in? Why does it matter then? Hmmm, jealousy runs in interesting colors.

Paz Gayramara

 ilove it if they have their own reality Tv!!!!!!yeeeeeeeee!!!!!excited

nonmember avatar Mary Jane

I highly doubt this is true. They've already said they would not do something like that. I think the writer has run out of storylines and made this up.

nonmember avatar christina

when is the wedding on abc

nonmember avatar christina

when is the wedding on ABC i cant wait to watch it.

nonmember avatar me

Your blog is boring me to tears....

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