Latest Christian Grey Casting Rumor Is About This Hot Star Who’s All Wrong for the Part

adam levineI know, I know, I know. Every day we hear about someone new being cast as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. But today, someone interesting has been brought to the table: Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice judge, Adam Levine. We need to discuss, guys.

My knee-jerk upon hearing about Adam being cast as Christian was a full-on guffaw. A proverbial spit take, if you will. But after further pondering, I thought: Actually, he might not be bad. If you watch American Horror Story, you may remember Levine as the somewhat dorky/kind of hot newlywed who was offed fairly quickly in season 2. He wasn't an egregiously bad actor. In fact, he was pretty good in the show, despite his small part. But after I momentarily sang Levine's praises in my mind and pictured him as Christian Grey, I came to my senses and realized: No. Definitely not.

Truth be told, Adam Levine is one of those dudes I sort of think is hot, but hate that I think that. He's not the guy I love to hate, but the guy I hate to love. I find him fairly irritating on The Voice and I don't like his music at all. But once in a while, I see a photo of Levine, and I can't help but see why someone would find him slightly attractive. That said, no to being cast as Christian Grey. Christian needs to be someone who's universally attractive to everyone all the time. And he needs to have piercing blue eyes that can be described as limpid pools that have no beginning or end. 

At the end of the day, I think we all know who the real Christian Grey is: Ian Somerhalder. Sure, there are tons of dark-haired attractive dudes out there. But something about Ian just is Christian. Don't really know how to describe it beyond that.

Who do you think should play Christian Grey?


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Victo... Victoria0785

Honestly, Adam in this movie might be the one thing that gets me to watch it. He is insanely hot! I really don't care about this movie, I read the first 2 chapters of the book and thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever read, read as if it was writen by a 10th grader not an adult. Anyone else, I hightly doubt I would spend money on this, but maybe for Adam. Then again, probably just wait for it to come out on on demand and rent it, half the price!

Anyone who doesn't think Adam is hot is just plain crazy.

Stasi... Stasiaandkksmom

I'd go if Adam Levine is in it!!!!

Here's hoping!!!

turna... turnandburn04

Hot yes, Christian grey hot? Hell no!!! come on people we need other worldly hot!

Wendy J Olah

These people are nuts if they even condiser casting this guy. I already know they're going to cause this movie to be a total flop by casting the wroing people. Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda Clark

I have always stated that Adam is someone you take home to your bed but not your Mama. I think he would be an interesting Christian Grey as he seems to eerily fit the part. Time will tell who it is though!

Dawn Pivacek Weekman

I do not recall reading in the books that Christian had any tattoos...but Adam Levine is HOTT!

Selanne Love


Dana Carl

I love Adam Levine, but I don't think I would like him as Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder is definitely the man for the job!!

Sherri Smith-Bush

Oh please... Adam Levine as Christian... not in my world or any other world for that fact.... definitely NOT gonna happen

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