Robert Pattinson’s Wedding Date With Katy Perry Wasn’t What It Looked Like

robert pattinson laughingOh Mah Gah, are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry, like, an item now? Because this weekend at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, Rob and Katy were seen together at a wedding rehearsal. AND WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE ROMANTIC THAN THAT? Obviously Rob and Katy are going to get married now because love is so contagious at weddings. A guest told People magazine that "Katy and Rob were just sitting next to each other watching the wedding rehearsal in the main courtyard area." There was no PDA, no sign that they were there as a couple. But that is just because they are both great at hiding the burning within.

Or, maybe Rob and Katy are just a smokescreen for Rob and Polly. Polly who?!? you may be asking. Polly, Rob's real rebound girlfriend, that's who. What, you haven't heard?

Polly Stenham is the blonde, British playwright Rob has been spotted with lately. Rob and Polly supposedly partied together in New York in early May. Rob's friend posted an Instagram photo showing Rob with his arm around Polly -- but it was later yanked from the Internets, a dead giveaway that there might actually be something real going between those two that someone wants to keep private. Rob was also seen having dinner at the Bowery Hotel in early May with a mystery blonde who could be Polly.

So here's what I think: Rumors about Rob and Katy are being planted to distract us from Rob's real girlfriend, Polly. (Maybe it's too soon to call her a girlfriend?) We know Rob tends to be more publicity-shy, and after the big, public fiasco that was his relationship with KStew, I can see how he'd want any future romance to be completely on the DL. So go ahead and speculate about Rob's BFF Katy Perry, everyone. What we're really doing is giving Rob a chance to enjoy a quiet little liaison for once.

Do you think there's anything going on between Rob and Katy?


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Miriam Valle De Hernandez

I doubt he is dating Polly, she is good friends with Rob's friend Tom too, but just in case you are interested I found Polly's bio and more pics of her alone and also with Rob here

Pamela Perkins

no i dont think rob is with katty why would anyone think that they are together just because they went to a wedding together come on now stop thinking that when you see someone together does not mean they are together its like i went to a movie with a friend that dont mean im daten them there is nothing wrong with 2 people getting together as friends did yall ever think that maybe they are friends with the bride or the groom man the things people come up with stop worried about what other people are doing and worry about your own life

nonmember avatar eva

She is slut and people has made RPatz to be a saint and dumped on KStewart he has fooled around a lot so he is welcome to any slut.

nonmember avatar Shelly

I'm sick of people cracking on Kristen!!! Do they think Rob has always been St Robert? NO!! He needs to get off his philosophical horse!!! She needs to grow up?? I'll admits hat she did was wrong but he took her back and has kept her in prison for a year. Move on Kristen you don't have to put up with Grizzly Adams. It's time to move on!!!

nonmember avatar Kim

Why is it so important to everyone who is dating who. Rarely does a on screen romance last off screen. Romance and reality!

nonmember avatar Priecce

Good for them if they are dating! Kristen is a fool and anyway what does it matter if they are. Its no ones business but theirs.

nonmember avatar Jean

Ron is a jerk he has lost the best love he could ever have he just wants into some new panties

nonmember avatar Ara

Of course she's a slut! She's been friends with Kristen and now what? Dating the ex boyfriend? Spent a weekend out with someone it's so not a normal friendship! This two are totally doing it since he was with Kristen.

Dixie Jewel

You have no proof that Rob ever cheated on Kristen but there is plenty of eveidence that Kristen screwed a married man,broke up a family and humiliated the man she supposedly loved. So ya'll need to back teh hell of off ROB. HE wa the one who wronged in July. He gave it a good try tomake it work and get back what they had, it did not work...THAT IS REAL LIFE!  I would be willing to bet that the break up was a mutual desicion. Let them move on! 

Pam Mangrum

I hope so Kristen has suffered long enough,She has spent Almost a year trying to prove to him  that she made a mistake and how much she loves him.He said he forgave her but really he didnt.He kept her around only to rub her mistake in her face everyday .You are suppose to forgive and forget,Not keep around and torment.Rob have you never made a mistake ? At least she owned up to it ,And tried to prove her undying love for you.Stay strong Kristen their are people who can forgive and Don't listen to what other people think even family.They listen to their own heart.


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