'Bachelorette' Premiere Recap: Desiree Hartsock's Search for Mr. Right Is Already Over

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Desiree HartsockHuh. She may have left in the limo in tears when Bachelor Sean Lowe sent her packing -- but Desiree Hartsock seems to be totally fine with the consolation prize of being The Bachelorette for season 9.

Um, girl got herself a brand new pad in Malibu complete with sweeping views and a pool. And did I mention ABC also threw in a sexy Bentley for her to cruise around in while she's "weeding out the men from the boys" in her group of 25 suitors? Sheesh.

But let's go ahead and cut to the chase -- this season is already over. Or at least it should be. All contracts, ratings, and viewer entertainment aside, it's clear that Des should've gone ahead and quit the show before the last dude stepped out of the limo tonight.

Duh. Who else thinks she missed the chance of a lifetime by not riding off into the sunset with Ben and forgetting about being The Bachelorette altogether?

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You know -- Ben. The hot guy from Dallas who immediately introduced her to his son, Brody -- who he described as "his everything." (It's ok. I had impure thoughts about that man at that point in the show too. What woman with a pulse didn't?)

And if Ben having a kid (who happens to be his whole world) isn't appealing enough -- he had to go into the whole bit about being best friends with his son's mom. Holy shiz. Not only is he a great dad -- he brings an adorable kid into the mix without any sort of baggage. (Not even a carry-on, for crying out loud.) Score.

Ok, let's forget about Ben for a sec (not really, but sort of) -- the rest of these dudes are complete zeros. Seriously, I'm trying as hard as I can to put my snarky side on the back burner here, but these guys leave a lot to be desired. I can't decide who's worse -- the guy who asked Des to go to the fantasy suite in the same breath as telling her his name, the magician who could've accidentally lit her on fire, or the guy who almost ripped her dress off by trying to dance with her.

And don't even get me started on the guy who told her he'd "seen lots of awesome hashtags about her." (WTF?)

Holy cow. These dudes really suck. Except for Ben. And if Ben isn't the man of Des's dreams, then maybe she isn't ready to find "the one" at this point in her life. If she knows what's good with her, she'll run away with him now and forget that she's obligated to stay for the full course of the reality show she signed up for. (Yes, I realize the entire show has already been filmed. Just go with it.)

And I'd like to go ahead and make a prediction. If Des doesn't choose Ben, let's go ahead and expect him to land the gig of being the next Bachelor. (Hell, there are probably already gals sending their applications in with the hopes of being his bride.)

Who is your favorite guy so far?


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nonmember avatar Elisha

Uh, NO!

The guy exploiting his kid on TV and introducing him to a potential stepmom BEFORE the first date would have been the first to go if I were the Bachelorette.

Instead he "melted her heart" and got the first rose? Someone likes baggage!

Roberta Howard

I agree in appropriate to bring the child.  And previews say the girl friend will show up soon.. and not happy I might add. SO Ben will be gone. I like Robert... But I agree most were YUCK>..I said if I miss a show or 2 it won't matter. 

Carol Cromer

Sorry, I totally disagree with your Ben choice.  I do not trust him at all.  There is something very wrong with a person who exploits his son.  I believe all will be revealed as time goes on.


nonmember avatar FM

My absolute favorites are the one who reminds me of Carson Kresson & the other guy in the preview who said "I will never hurt you" That guy is beautiful. Inside and out.

nonmember avatar Gem

I thinks its cute that Daddyo brought his lil buddy with him, why hide the kid? ..he explained that he has nothing to hide. As long as he does not get nauseating by keep mentioning the kid (as one nauseating bimbo Batchelorette did) it got to a point when I started puking each time she said something. I like the painting contractor and Daddyo.

Anna Pierce

I think Ben did the right thing by showing his son off. That way it's all in the open I have a son I love very much and it's a package deal if I make it to the end. You go Ben and your son is very handsome.

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