'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney Blames Her Childhood for Her Bad Behavior

Tamra BarneyI know that after tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we're supposed to feel sorry for Tamra Barney, but I'm just not feeling it. In a keynote speech at a women's conference, she talked about how her parents never told her they loved her growing up, and how that made her unable to express her emotions, and how basically that's why she's so nasty to people

That's too bad. Really, I wish her parents had told her they'd loved her, but it's just not an excuse for her behavior, and hearing her attempt to explain it all away and blame her parents for everything was the opposite of inspiring. Plenty of people have had upbringings much, much worse than hers and don't act like she does. I feel bad that she had a tough time of it growing up and was saddened to hear that she attempted suicide in her 20s, but it doesn't in any way excuse her mean girl behavior.

We all have pasts, many of them not ideal, and while we can look to them for some answers, we can't just be a bitch and expect it to be okay. She's the one who throws the wine; she's the one who throws people out of parties; she's the one who can't control herself. Her upbringing may have contributed to her impulses, but she should be in control of them.

She did say she wants to change, and if that's the case, then great -- show us. Right now, it feels like she's just playing sympathy cards and trying to win back viewers who have turned against her after we've seen her viciously attack too many people. Previews for next week do show her talking with Alexis Bellino in what could be a nice way, however, so maybe there's hope. We'll see.

Elsewhere, Vicki Gunvalson did the right thing when she chose to watch her grandson instead of heading to a hotel for the weekend with Brooks Ayers. Go Vicki. 

Terry Dubrow may finally be out of the doghouse with Heather after mentioning the "D" word, and hopefully we can put a rest to that tiresome, seemingly contrived drama. Gretchen Rossi went to a fertility specialist who declared her reproductive organs to be all plump and lush, but still suggested she and Slade Smiley undergo IVF instead of trying for a baby the traditional way due to his vasectomy 10 years ago. Oh, and Lydia McLaughlin has decided to get over her mom's pot smoking -- it's about time.

All in all it was an episode of love, peace, and reconciliation -- i.e., boring. Hopefully that means something major is bound to go down soon.

What do you think of Tamra blaming her bad behavior on her childhood?


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abra819 abra819

She's just a bitch. A mean girl. You're a 40 something adult, grow up.

nonmember avatar Darla

I don't believe it...your to spoiled and someone who has gone through what you said...they don't blame anyone....they only blame themselves...get over yourself you just needed an excuse to explain why your so mean

Wanda Toomany

I know how you feel..... I do the same, you had the guts and were WOMAN enough to realize that issues from the past will make you who you are today..... STAY STRONG AND KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALONE

nonmember avatar trecia3

wow a year ago Tamra was on the cell talking to slade's ex. letting everyone hear that he doesn't pay his child support. Now she is kissing their azzes.

Dee Dee Brandt

Bottom line she needs help!!!!

nonmember avatar joy joy

She is repeating the same game she played on simon, playing a victim game, only fools will believe her, she is nasty and evil no excuse.

Jackie Bratcher

I think Tamra is not a kind person .. I use to like her until the way she treated Gretchen .. Vicki made the right decision .. What she is doing now may hurt, but, will make her happier later .. He is not for her ..

Deb Walsh

I think I'm giving up on this show....It's too Boring for me....Can't wait for the New Jersey Bitches...

Kacie Moore Schleis

There comes a point in time in everybody's life where they need to grow up and stop blaming their parents for their mistakes. That point in time for most people comes at the time where they are adults. When they are making their own decisions and choosing the way they want to live their life. To blame her parents for her behavior is a cop out. A way to dodge the blame and pull the "woe is me" card. I'm not buying it. Everybody had a f***** up child hood... whether it be slightly dysfunctional or worse... but not everybody behaves poorly.

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