Brad Pitt's Face Blindness Confession Spurs Shock & Some Really Funny Jokes


Brad PittBrad Pitt is rather confessional lately, isn't he? I hope everything okay. I mean, he's been spilling his guts about EVERYTHING lately. The latest confession being about his apparent (and self-diagnosed) "face blindness." Have you heard of it? It's a real thing. Even well-known painter Chuck Close, known for his portraits of faces, suffers from this phenomenon. It basically means you can't recognize faces that you've seen before -- even ones you've seen over and over, and it can be really debilitating. 

Face blindness, a rare neurological condition called Prosopagnosia is no joke, of course, but you just gotta laugh at the irony of one of the most recognizable faces in America possibly suffering such a thing. Surely, Brad can even laugh at the oddity of the whole thing.

Some of the Brad Pitt Face Blindness jokes (the ones worth repeating anyway) found on Twitter and beyond:

- Poor Brad married to the world's most beautiful woman and he can't even recognize her!

- Brad Pitt may apparently have face-blindness. Now I know why he doesn't recognize me. Or return my calls. -- Lauren Fiscus ‏@lauren_fiscus

- Brad Pitt would make the worst witness EVER. But oddly, be great as the lead in a remake of WITNESS. -- Brian Lynch‏ @BrianLynch

- Brad Pitt has diagnosed himself w/ "face blindness" thus he never recognizes a face he has met. It's also known as being "good looking". -- Dan Riley ‏@driley32

Alright, alright, enough joking around. But it IS funny to think about within Brad Pitt's famous life. Let's just hope he doesn't really have it. People who suffer from Face Blindness really do struggle immensely, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Do you think Brad Pitt really has Face Blindness?


Image via oparazzi photos/Flickr

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nonmember avatar damien

can this guy have a bowel movement without talking bout it?

Entre... EntrepeneurMom

I have faceblindness. It makes you feel like an idiot.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's not that rare. Severe cases where the person can't even recognize themselves are rare but milder cases are not uncommon. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Anyone else chalk this up to being famous? I mean, Im sure he certainly remembers the people he NEEDS to remember. Just imagine how many people come and go in his life. It'd probably be hard for anyone to keep up, really..

Wileen Byroads

Good grief! No BOOBS, Can't see.......Going to hell in a hurry! You know what they say......Karma! Better watch out HOLLYWOOD!

Sarah... SarahHall58

My family suffers from this. It isn't easy or funny.

kisse... kisses5050

 I dont have face blindness but the medication I take makes it difficult for me to recall names... it is a horrid thing.. however in Brad Pitts case of "self dignosed" face blindness i think it is more of case of 'cant be bothered to learn who people are

Ron Faldik

He just is trying to find an excuse for the fact that he was a staunch nObama backer...

nonmember avatar Minken

There are different kinds of face blindness, and different levels/grades - I have it, and would probably walk past Brad Pitt without a second look if I met him on the street, but I have learned to recognise him on a photo. He probably knows his wife and kids by sight the same way I know my family, by taking his cue from a combination of looks, height, voice, clothes, etc.

I get confused if a person makes drastic changes to their appearances, or if I meet them outside of the place I am used to see them.

I can't watch certain TV shows, because I get confused by who is who - in CSI everybody looks the same to me.

But, the weird thing is, I am face blind only when it comes to some people, not everybody.

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