Selena Gomez's Latest Date Isn't Even Old Enough to Get Into the Clubs (PHOTO)

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Jaden Smith Selena GomezWhat's this? Selena Gomez out on a "date" with a mere child?!! Sure, Jaden Smith may have man-sized feet, but the actor son of Will Smith is only 14 years old, people! Not too mention, he's good friends with Selena's on again/off again boyfriend Justin Bieber

Gomez and Smith were seen grabbing dinner together in London, where Smith is promoting his new film After Earth. After dinner, they are said to have headed out to the clubs where Jaden's brother Trey deejays. However, Jaden couldn't get in because, um, HE'S 14 YEARS OLD! 

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter, people. I'm sure Ms. Gomez is not robbing the cradle even harder than she already did with Bieber -- because Jaden is just a baby (and, you know, that would be illegal). I'm sure the two are just friends. After all, Jaden already has a hottie celebrity girlfriend his own age. What would he need with a "cougar" like Selena?

Do you think Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner are jealous over this dinner outing?


Image via SplashNews

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Eric Walker

What in the hell does a 19 year old see in a 14 year old?  She's fucking disgusting.

Liane... Lianetherider

They're probably just friends, or she sees him a little brother-type way. I don't see anything wrong with two friends going out to eat together. It doesn't automatically mean they're dating, sheesh. Yes, it was silly to try to get into the club, but they are kids. Kids who are probably FRIENDS.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Calm down, Harry Burns. It IS possible for men and woman to be friends!

2many... 2manydiapers

How on earth does anyone know if they're dating? Was paparazzi at their table? Was this blogger there? No.

Its even said that her ex is friends with Jaden , so maybe she became friends. Also Hollywood child performer's tend to stick to themselves as a group.

clemmy clemmy

oh man... that first "too"... should totally be "to"...

nonmember avatar bejiahazey

selena is 21 o.o

Derek W. Newell

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nonmember avatar me

Selena HERSELF is not even old enough to get into the clubs yet! But the person writing this article was probably a young adult in the era before they started hauling 20 year olds off to jail for sipping a beer.

nonmember avatar Elisabeth grace

Well its okey mabey because ther just friends but dont you think justin is going to get jelus

nonmember avatar jadyn


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