Kristen Stewart Flips the Bird -- Could She Be Sending Rob a Message?

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Kristen StewartHow do you know if Kristen Stewart is in a bad mood? She's breathing. Haha! I just made that up. Anyway, we've all come to know Kristen and her moods pretty well. There's Grumpy Kristen. Scowling Kristen. Irritated Kristen. Pouty Kristen. All kind of falling along the same spectrum. But recently she burst out into full-on Angry Kristen. Well, wouldn't you if your boyfriend just left you? Pictures of Kristen raising her two middle fingers in the air have surfaced. Sure, she was giving the bird(s) to the paparrazzi. But I also think she was giving it to life. Or, you know, just Rob.

Kristen was spotted walking with a friend through a Hollywood car park when she must have caught sight of a photographer snapping away (seriously, they will go anywhere!) because she began dancing around, jabbing both middle fingers in the air.

Her scuffy attire -- loose T-shirt, skinny jeans, Converse sneaks -- just added to the overall I don't give a shit ambiance.

It was only a few days ago that Robert Pattinson was seen driving away from the house they'd shared together, so I guess it's no wonder KStew is stewing in her own foul mood.

However, this is nothing new for our grampy gal. Rumors say that RPattz even broke up with her because of her inability to let the sunshine into her soul -- though that's kind of hard to believe. He must know he wasn't dating Anne Hathaway.

Still, Kristen's mood must be even darker than usual what with her relationship on a break again. (Even those supposed texts from Rupert couldn't cheer a gal up.) Would YOU want your picture taken right after a break-up? I wouldn't. But then again I didn't spend a decade of my life trying to become famous. Movie stars don't happen by accident. Kristen surely knew what could happen if she kept starring in Twilight movies.

Anyway, if Kristen is trying to show Rob she's got a handle on her sour moods -- she's going about it the wrong way.

Do you think Kristen Stewart needs to lighten up?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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hello... hellokd87

Kristen has always expressed her disdain towards paps & she's even come across as ungrateful towards ber fans/fame but it could be that she no matter how much success she's acquired she's just a plain miserable person. She needs Prozac & therapy, LOTS of therapy.

nonmember avatar Aitch CS

She has been basically stalked by the papz for a long time so I don't blame her a bit. And who wouldn't be on edge during a trying time. I have seen her smiling many times so I disagree with the constant grumpy moniker she is given. I like that she doesn't put on a fake smile all the time. I"d rather see a grump.

Kristi Greenlief

No, I do not think Kristen Stewart needs to lighten up, but I do think you should seek help for your unhealthy Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson obsession. My God, every other article on here is about them. Perhaps she's in a bad mood because you people won't leave her the f alone and stay out of her relationship.

nonmember avatar Jason

I don't even like Kristen Stewart, but this is crazy. Leave the girl alone. All the dumb speculating about their relationship too....the lesbian rumors, the Sanders rumors, the Katy Perry dumb. She's in her early 20s, he's in his late 20s...they've been together for years. She cheated last year. It's not a giant surprise that their relationship went up in flames. Anyway, I don't get the constant harping on her. She's always seemed decent to her fans, if ridiculous when it comes to handling her fame...and except for last year she really is bland as white bread.

nonmember avatar Arkansas

Kristen, stop the flipping the bird crap. You are beginning to get as many fans on your side as Rob has on his side. Be nonchalant. Don't be rude and flip off the cameras again. You are going to hurt your reputation. You need to come out of this in a good light.

Kelly Ohl

You sound like a jealous little grade schooler.

I thought this was a "mom" blog? Did someone's Twilight fangirl daughter get to write the article today?

Anny Lin


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Debbie Timbrook

she is flippin the bird to all of you nosy ppl..just leave them alone and she is dressed just would you like to be followed even to the bathroom? C,mon grow up...

Carmen Peralta

If the media would leave them alone their relationship would have a fighting chance they do make a good couple people need to layoff writing about them. I love rob and Kristen toghether

Shirley Sorrow

I agree with all of you about the paparazzi.  They deserve whatever they get, but I do think she is old enough now to stop giving the finger.  She is beautiful and talented and does not deserve all of this "crap" being dished at her.  Hopefully she & Rob will work things out (if they are actually broken up).  I wish them the best.  Hopefully the rags & online gossip mongers will stop with all of these made up stories (lies) and give them a rest.  bad

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