'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Is So Hung Up on Sean Lowe It's Embarrassing (VIDEO)

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Desiree HartsockHmmmmmm. After seeing Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, it's so painfully obvious that she hasn't quite gotten over Sean Lowe dumping her on The Bachelor.

OMG, people. The interview is almost a little bit embarrassing to watch. After being unable to pry information out of her as to whether or not she found love as The Bachelorette, Jimmy starts popping questions (no pun intended) about Sean rejecting her -- and that's where things get pretty awkward and uncomfortable.

Take a look at this video clip to hear Jimmy ask Desiree if she would've said yes had Sean proposed to her. Her response is priceless.

"Probably"? Um, why didn't she just go ahead and break down in tears and scream out "Definitely"?

You guysssss. She's SO not over Sean. If she was, she would've had some sort of speech prepared in anticipation of this question that went along the lines of, "Everything worked out the way it's supposed to. Sean and Catherine were meant for each other and I'm so happy for them, blah, blah, blah."

But she didn't say that. She said "probably." And that simple response combined with the fact that she refuses to divulge any details about her season only adds more fuel to the rumor that Des didn't wind up finding her Prince Charming this time around either.

In that case -- she should probably just sit tight for a while. Oh come on, do you honestly think Sean and Catherine will make it to the altar? Now that DWTS is over and their time in the spotlight is fading, there's no way they're going to last. They just seem too different, or mismatched, or something.

If Des holds out long enough, they'll break up -- and then she and Sean can attend a Bachelor reunion weekend in Vegas and rekindle their romance. Can't you just picture it? While the rest of the former cast members are getting drunk out of their minds, getting naked, and hooking up in the hot tub, Sean and Des can chill out in a corner somewhere and talk about how perfect they are for one another and how they'll never let each other go again. (Or something sappy like that.)

OMG. I can already predict what their nickname will be as a couple.


(Stay tuned. It could happen.)

Do you think Desiree is still in love with Sean?


Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Kathy

This blogger is delusional.

nonmember avatar KC

X_X *facepalm* Way to make a mountain out of a molehill.

There is nothing about her that shows she desperately wants Sean back. She's being honest. Any one of those girls would have accepted a proposal from him. Doesn't mean they're begging to win him back!

I agree that Sean and Catherine won't last. I HATED Des's brother (until she was picked for Bachelorette) because I thought he was screwing up her chances. Turns out, her brother was RIGHT! Sean is just a playboy fame-whore, as we can see by the fact that he'd rather be on TV and dance with another woman rather than spend time with his fiance.

I want thinks to work out for Sean and Catherine, but it probably won't. I don't consider anyone engaged til they set a wedding date and book the venue.

Kalman Gaal

this Mary whatever sick from thehead, all the way to the toe

nonmember avatar Victorya

"They just seem too different, or mismatched, or something." Can someone explain what does it mean ? What the writer tried to point out?

nonmember avatar victorya

According to Des's brother,Sean is a playboy and what about Des? Playgirl? Gone from one man to another. I think his brother now can see his sister being a playgirl, kissing, hugging and surrounded by 26 men. What goes around come around.

nonmember avatar JonXavier

These shows are so stupid. Everything is so artificial, so convoluted, and lasts such a short time no wonder no one gets what they want. In the end, and despite Sean's self-righteousness and others' naive dreams expressed at every opportunity, the show is really all about the viewer and ratings. It's a combination of reality TV and the soap opera. An effective combination for drawing in the large mass of shallow young women populating our world (most shallow young men dream of having many sex slaves via being rock stars or athletes rather than finding love via the Bachelor).

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