Chelsea Houska’s Solid Net Worth Is Perfect -- Even if It Is Way Less Than Farrah’s

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska seems to have her head on pretty straight. The single mother of Aubrey may have some baby daddy drama, but when it comes to finances and her future, Chels doesn't mess around. According to OK! Magazine, the reality star has saved up some money over the years, and it might be enough to realize her dream of opening a salon one day. We recently learned that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has a net worth of $1.75 million (thanks, porn industry!), so just how much is Chelsea worth?

She reportedly makes $75,000 a season for Teen Mom 2, plus bonuses from the network; she has some income from her job at a tanning salon and her role hosting Scentsy parties; she gets child support from her ex Adam Lind; and her dad helps foot some bills, too.

Add that all up then subtract her Black Hills Beauty College tuition and her rent, and OK!'s come to the conclusion that she has a net worth of about $40,000.

While I'm confused as to how someone who made around $320,000 on four seasons of Teen Mom 2 only has $40K in the bank, it's still not too shabby for a woman in her early 20s with a toddler.

And the expenses she has are totally worth it. Education, housing, and raising a child are worth every penny -- it's not like Chelsea's blowing her dough on plastic surgery, or on mansions she can't afford, or on hard-core illegal drugs.

Chelsea may or may not be envious of Farrah's enormous bank account, but I'm sure Chelsea's self-respect is worth way more than $1 million.

Plus, 40,000 bones in the bank ain't nothing to sneeze at. And the best part is, if she keeps saving and invests correctly, that 40 can soon turn into 80, 160, 320 ...

What do you think of Chelsea's net worth?


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gridi... gridironsmom

I'd love to have $40k in the bank. I'd feel rich with that much!

mande... manderspanders

That she only has $40k in the bank after grossing that much money tells me that she still has some growing up to do and learning about wants vs. needs.  And if she is making bank like that on Teen Mom, then her dad shouldn't really be paying anything at this point. Her  $75k per season is what my hubby and I gross together per year... we live below our means and have a nice chunk of cash in the bank - it is worth it while the money is coming in to position your self to be as financially stable as possible (determination and sacrifce are necessary for this).  If only everyone could be so fortunate.

Rache... RachelsMercy

Some of the money she made from Teen Mom automatically goes in an account for Aubrey when she is older. So while Chelsea might only have $40,000 in the bank, Aubry probably has a lot more.

nonmember avatar Kalie

Seriously. Why do so many people care? It's not your life, so don't worry to much about it. Yes, I too indulge in the pointless tabloids from time to time, but who am I, or any of you, to judge these girls. We can judge them when we have walked in their shoes. I don't agree with most of these girls choices, but I am not going to write blogs trashing them. I'm glad that most of the articles I've read here don't completely hate on these young mothers. Thanks Cafemom.

Tori Blue Lynn

I love Chelsea she is an AMAZING mother. Don't worry about her money that has nothing to do with it, she does everything she can for her baby and want her to have the things she needs and wants, because that little girl is her world. Stop talking down on her, she is a sweetheart, and isn't doing anything wrong for any of you to say the rude things you do.

Jenni Kruschke

Chelsea is a great role model for teen moms. The ones with the jail, drugs, and porn issues should have their teen mom money taken away~ along with any publicity(only promoting good behavior) MTV should have that in their contract somehow~ almost forcing them to be responsible with the new fame and money. These parents should be kicked off the show as soon as they start to be irresponsible. If MTV wants to keep them on air~ transfer them to a show more like COPS so they are belittle for their ridiculousness, not rewarded for being an awful parent/ role model!

Samfan97 Samfan97

You have no idea how much money she has. This article is ridiculous. It would be like saying that I make $xx,xxx as a nurse, live in a $xxx,xxx house and drive a $xx,xxx car so I must have a certain amount left over. There are a million factors. I'm just wondering wtf The Stir is so fixated on Teen Mom anyway??

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