Brad Pitt Spills on Gwyneth Paltrow Now Because He Can't Stop Talking About His Exes

brad pittIt's hard to believe there was once a time when the general public was hating on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for hooking up supposedly behind Jennifer Aniston's back. Bygones! It's also hard to truly hate on Saint Angie and ridiculously adorable Brad. Everyone always loves Jennifer -- although after taking on a role of being a stripper, that may change. Jen!!!

Angelina has been very forthcoming with some private matters, opening up about her double mastectomy and plans to have her ovaries removed. Heavy stuff coming from a woman many made fun of when she wore Billy Bob's blood in a vial necklace. Brad has stayed mum. Until recently. He's been dishing about Jennifer Aniston and now he's on to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Brad and Jen are said to still be friends. But let's get real. Is she coming over for Thanksgiving dinner? Are they on each other's holiday card list? What the crap does friendship really mean when it comes to exes? What does friendship really mean in celebrity fantasy land? So they're "friends." And Brad is such a friend he revealed that when married to Aniston, he wasn't "living an interesting life" and that he was "trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't." Brad's close friend and makeup artist Jean Black spilled that Angie was someone who could "unleash" his adventurous side. Jen might need a bandage for that boo-boo -- ouch!

Gwyneth Paltrow is now in the hot seat. The Goop goddess was Brad's main squeeze way back in the '90s. Brad says that Gwyneth's dad, the late Bruce Paltrow, taught him how to be humble. He shared that he learned from Bruce that you shouldn't be defined by what you do for a living, and so now if a stranger asks what he does, he says he's self-employed and a dad. Which is incredibly sweet. He learned humility from being with Gwyneth! How goop-a-licious! 

It seems like the memories Brad has from his days with Gwynnie are cherished and sweet.

I love how Pitt's opening up about everything lately -- that's a lot coming from a man who always seemed to have an air of mystery about him. He's clearly learned from his past experiences and exes ... something we should all do.

What do you think of Brad Pitt being so loose-lipped?

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

That's actually quite lovely of him to say, I know Gwyneth loved her father dearly. I think it's odd, he never really seems ot do personal interviews, but who knows!

nonmember avatar Meme

Brad pitt might lose his spot in the Hollywood Alist if his movie doesn't do well. The movie needs 500+ million to break even. If it bombs he can forget about fiunding for future big budget movies. Btw, it's not hard to hate "adorable " Brad. First of all he's not adorable. Second he's a user as you can see by this revealing interview (all of his interviews are revealing) where he uses exes for publicity and I am suspicious of the timing of Angelina revealing her double mastectomy. It came out right when promotion for Brads movie started. Yes, I think she's brave for what she did but I also think they're shady for the timing. I actually feel sad for her if she felt she had to reveal something so personal just to give baby daddy publicity for his movie.

nonmember avatar sandy

Nothing wrong with his revelations: They seem more like nostalgic glimpses that have arisen after a long period of soul-searching and discovery. He has found a lovely partner who brings out his best, and I think he is trying to give a sweet nod to other relationships that were part of the process.

nonmember avatar cas

What's the big deal about that comment. Why the I HATE BRAD PITT campaign.

nonmember avatar Lion

Seems like he only hooks up with women with famous fathers.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Brad Pitt has dated like 20 famous people since coming on "the scene," so it's not like he only dates people with famous fathers.  I think it's lovely that he speaks so nicely about Gwyneth Paltrow's father.  It seems that he really was a very respected man.

got_s... got_smile

Brad seems to be a great Dad and to me that is priceless and far better than most men I've ever met ..... lucky kids !  as for rubbish being sloshed about concerning Brad or Angie, they do far more for "others" and they keep busy with "others" and i really doubt they give a fig what "hater's " are spewing

Jean Howard

i think he should stop talking about jen,past is past.if he is so happy with angelina zip it.don't worry about jen.stay with your happy life and let bygones be bygones.hell life is to all are beautiful people and everyone has problems.there is no garenteen with any thing.just make the best of what you have and thank the good lord you have you all.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

I love him!! I always have and always will!! He is amazing!! What he shared is just beautiful and I'm sure Gwyneth is going to read or hear about it and smile. I wish him and his family the best

nonmember avatar Lisa

Nothing these two do ever seem genuine to me. I'm sure there are opinions out there otherwise. Gwyneth is a special lady and he probably realizes it now.

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