Getting Rid of 'DWTS' Judges Will Likely Ruin the Show Forever

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Ok, so we already know that the next season of DWTS is going to be a bit different, given that the show will only air one night a week instead of two. (I still can't figure out how in the heck that is going to work with the voting.)

But have you heard that there's a possibility that some or all of the Dancing With the Stars judges won't be returning for season 17? Apparently Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli don't have contracts in place as of yet, which means there's a chance they could leave or be replaced.

Oh yeah, producers are also supposedly toying with the idea of adding a fourth judge into the mix.

A source told E! News, "Nothing has been decided yet about next season. There definitely will be format changes and it's possible there may be some casting changes but those discussions are just beginning."

Ugh. Are you as horrified as I am at the thought of replacing any of the three current judges or bringing in a new one?

This is seriously the worst idea ever.

As much as I love watching the performances on DWTS, I actually look forward to hearing the judges' commentary just as much, if not more. In particular, whatever Len and Bruno have to say always makes me laugh and keeps the show so much more entertaining. And it's always fun when Carrie Ann cries too. I won't lie -- I got all weepy with her after Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough's freestyle on the finale. She brings more emotion to the show and balances out Len's seriousness and Bruno's drama perfectly.

The three of them fit together like pieces of a puzzle, so it's hard to understand why DWTS producers would even consider monkeying with things.

But they're probably concerned with ratings, in which case there is one key thing they can do to make next season more interesting to viewers without making any casting changes with the judges.

Why don't they get a little bit more creative when it comes to choosing the dancing cast? And what I mean by creative is selecting contestants who will add more drama and intrigue to the show. For starters, they need to take a good look at the single pros and start pairing them up with stars they could potentially have a romantic connection with.

Fans looovvvveee speculating about the couples getting down and dirty behind the scenes. Remember how nuts everyone went during the All-Star season trying to figure out if Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy were dating? Hell, there are some of us who still can't get enough of those two. (I'm not obsessed with them. I swear.)

In addition to potential hookups, they should also think about casting more controversial peeps. As sad and unfair as it was, fans loved to hate Bristol Palin -- and I'm sure she kept more than a few coming back for more simply because they couldn't stand her.

And then there are stars with really loyal fan bases, like reality TV people. Signing on contestants from The Bachelor, Real Housewives, etc. will draw in more viewers simply because they can't resist seeing their favorite "celebs" dance, even if they aren't huge fans of the show.

See? There's no need to fix what isn't broken by switching up the judges. (Maybe they should think about hiring me to cast this thing from now on.)

Do you think the show would be the same without Len, Carrie Ann, and Bruno?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Wow, if they followed your casting advice, I'd stop watching. I didn't care about Kelly and Val as a couple, Palin wasn't a "love to hate" (she just whined and couldn't dance), and I flip the channel when reality "stars" are on. I would like personable people who aren't famous for being famous. And preferably, I'd like them to be able to dance.

Serab... Serabelle

Changing judges has pretty much killed American idol, so it would be a big mistake to let the judges walk. Adding a 4th is just awkward.

Gwen Myles

This is a horrible idea. The three of them make the show. The dancers are great, but I love Bruno, Len and Carrie Ann. I'm not sure who's idea this is, but its sucks!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

On the original version here in Ireland and teh UK, Strictly Come Dancing. There are four judges. Len and Bruno are accompanied on the panel by Craig Revel-Horwood, another ex-professional dancer, and a fourth judge, which has been a few different people. The dynamic actually works really well, as there is a lot more constructive criticism for them to work off of.

Colleen S. Johnson

I don't think it would hurt too much, at least if Len left. I Don't like the judging of the celeb, like they are pro's. There not. Heal, toes, a lift, and whatever else they think of to count against them. Some of Len comments are mean, and degrading. As for a 4th Judge, I'm not sure...they'll be some ties, when they do the dances together, and they have to pick in an order.
We'll see, I'm not as happy with it as I used to be....except this last one was really a good cast.

Susie M Carone

I love the Judges~~~and I really would love to see more athletic celebs in the mix Would love to see some comebacks such a William Levy as he was a great dancer and there have been others who started out not really doing that well and in the end they were fantastic ~~bring back the past winners ~~~Such as JJ

Lin C Lee

Can't agree more! I refuse to watch the show if they change/get rid of any of the judges! I also hate reality stars, no please no more Kardashians, or any of the housewives, unless they can dance! I too love to see people who can dance, like Kelly Pickler, or Kelly from all stars.

Maryann Stanczyk

Getting rid of the judges would be a huge mistake. The audience listens to their critique and influences the vote.

Pat Lindsey

That is just like network television - take something that works, that has a great fan base and great ratings, and try to "fix it."  It never works - they screw it up - and then decide to cancel.  What are they thinking!!!

Joyce Cholewa Beilis

I like the show just as it is.  A fourth judge wouldn't be bad if they changed him each season to someone new.  But the originals should STAY!   How do you do this show in only one night?  One week dance and next week eliminate and dance?  Strange.  If they do one week dance , next week eliminate the show will be on forever.bad

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