Amanda Bynes’ Bong Toss Gets Her an Arrest & a Psychiatric Evaluation

Amanda Bynes
Bynes' mugshot
It was bound to happen sooner or later. Amanda Bynes has been arrested. Thursday night, police responded to a report of a disorderly person at her Manhattan apartment building. According to the New York Post, Amanda's super called police when he saw the 27-year-old smoking marijuana in the building's lobby. When authorities showed up at her apartment, which is on the 36th floor, she apparently chucked her bong out the window during questioning. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but police, having eyes, saw what Bynes did, and not only arrested her, but took her to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. There are photos of the entire ordeal, in which Amanda can be seen being escorted by police, clad in shackles and a crooked blonde wig.

Of course it's sad that it's come to this, but I mean: Was there any other option?

From bat-crap crazy tweets to DUIs to getting caught smoking weed in public, Amanda's behavior in the past few years has been increasingly concerning, to say the least. In fact, a "friend" of hers recently said that Bynes was suicidal long before this arrest. We've watched as she went from a sweet child star, acting in the Nickelodeon show All That, to, well, being a train wreck of epic proportions. We've wondered where her parents and/or friends are, and why everyone seems to just be sitting back, watching her unravel?

The truth of the matter is, we really don't know what's going on with Amanda's parents or loved ones. All we see (and all we want to see) is crazy Amanda. There have been reports of people trying to reach out to Amanda to no avail, but who knows the real story? Hopefully that's true, as it would be incredibly sad if her mother and father made no attempts whatsoever to help their daughter, but again -- all we've witnessed this entire time is Amanda and her truly bizarre (and, yes, entertaining) antics. If people did try to help her, clearly it was futile. An arrest -- and psychiatric evaluation -- is evidently the only chance Amanda has at getting better. She didn't seem to be slowing down the crazy at all. In fact, she only seemed to be getting worse.

I feel bad that Amanda has to go through the public embarrassment of being arrested and escorted out in shackles looking like a hot mess. But this is a step in the right direction. Amanda needs help -- serious help. And if going to jail gets people to realize that there's something really wrong with her, so be it. Nothing else seemed to be helping.

Let's all hope this works -- for good.

What do you think of this?

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Thank god something is finally being done. This is not someone who is going a bit wild lately, this is someone who lately has effectively chucked in her career and quite obviously is not okay.

nonmember avatar mel

Its disturbing. Its all just so disturbing. Irs like britney all over again. Except amanda is a b list celeb

I never liked amanda... I tried because she was on tv when I was getting older but I just never really liked her a lot. I didnt know why. But now I see she has such a negative view. Her tweets about how she has money and doesnt have to work so she s better than some people... I just couldnt believe someone would lose their mind enough to not realized how.. how you dont tweet that sh*t.. at the very least. At the very least.

My god i know she must have had a lot of people saying yes to her but honestly... she never really became a big star. I think she expected to and it really got to her that she didnt become huge like some others. So she threw a tantrum and "QUIT" show biz.. but I think it was an attention thing... but it didnt garnish what she thought and it wasnt a big deal when she "came back". I bet she just lost some screws along the way and hasnt let anyone near enough because she can not admit sh*t. Therefore nothing can be fixed. Yes it would be hard to admit you suck. I mean come on if I didnt like her and she didnt become a big star then I know there had to be more people with my opinion.

Get help amanda bynes. This article and all this sh*t will be on the internet forever. That must suck when she googles herself

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