Rapper Allegedly Faked His Own Death for Despicable Reason

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It's not every day that a judge issues an arrest warrant for someone who died about three months ago. That's just what happened this week, however, in the case of 1990's rap star "Tim Dog", whose real name is Timothy Blair.

Best known for his song "F--- Compton", it was with great sadness in February that fans learned the rapper had died, reportedly after a seizure related to diabetes. Only now, it turns out he may not have died at all, and is merely faking his death to get out of paying court-ordered restitution to a woman whom he allegedly swindled out of $32,000.

Could he really stoop that low? 

According to the Associated Press, Esther Pilgrim of Southaven, Miss., says that Blair tricked her into giving him money to invest in his albums after she met him on an online dating site. In August 2011 he was sentenced to 14 days in jail and five years of probation and ordered to pay $19,000 in restitution to her. He did for awhile, but payments suddenly stopped at the time his death was reported on February 14. According to the Huffington Post, he may owe more than $2 million to other people around the world he swindled as well. The prosecutor believes that instead of coughing up any more cash, he just decided to play dead instead.

While plenty of media sources initially reported his death, the details were sketchy, and the original report many linked to has since been deleted. The prosecutor says there's no proof of his death, and nobody knows where he's buried, so this week he asked a judge to issue a warrant for Blair, and the judge did. "I have no proof that he's dead, so I have to presume that he's alive," said Steven Jubera, the Desoto County prosecutor handling the case.

How crazy is that? If he's alive then what a horrible, slimy thing to do. Faking death is just one of those things you don't do unless you want to tempt fate. It would be great to see him hauled in alive and punished for such behavior.

If, on the other hand, he really did die, then it's tragic that his name is being dragged about needlessly. Regardless, we really need to get to the bottom of this quickly for the sake of the victims, his family and friends, and those of us who are just dying to know.

Do you think Tim Dog faked his death?


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mleil... mleilanim

No clue who "TimDog" is; however, if she willingly invested (I'm sure thinking Oh I'm dating a rapper) then that's on her. Why should he have to pay for someone else's ignorance?

Ksmomy Ksmomy

"Tim Dog" whose name is Timothy Harris who the heck is "Blair". Not a well written story at all.

nonmember avatar Tara Christides

I'm a little.confused as to who Blair is as well :/

BGarcel BGarcel

For a moment I thought this was about Tupac Shakur. With all those conspiracy theories surrounding him and the fact he is posthumously producing songs with artists of today.....

nonmember avatar damien

the stir..where jodi arias is white and some guy is named harris

Mary E Yeager

You really should fact check your stories, including names of towns. It's Southaven, not Southeaven.

Zi Jones

hey wait is this about my ex husband Tim David? oh no its some guy no one's heard of names tim blair/harris. someone should tell my ex Tim David about that idea. he ca call himself "tim dog" and fake his own death for an explanation of why he doesnt pay child support.

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