Kim Zolciak’s Former Publicist Reveals What a Nightmare She Really Is

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kim zolciakIt's not as though anyone who has watched Real Housewives of Atlanta has ever said, "Wow, that Kim Zolciak looks like such a nice and easygoing person. I bet she would be a dream to work with." Still, it's always surprising when someone in their inner-circle pulls back the curtain and reveals -- in great detail -- just how awful they really are on and off camera. Kim's former publicist has done just that and boy does he make her look like a total terror.

According to Jonathan Jaxon, when he worked with Kim, she was a hot mess. Actually, that's putting it mildly. He started working with her to get her ready for her Real Housewives debut and she was "definitely rough around the edges," he said.

Wow! Really? I can't imagine her rougher than she is now. I like Kim, but she is as far from classy as you can get. He went on to describe her as:

A chain smoker who enjoys drinking, spending money, cussing like a sailor, and causing drama.

We've certainly seen plenty of that raunchy behavior when the cameras were rolling too. Behind the scenes, however, things were even worse. She wouldn't listen to Jonathan's advice and was constantly combative no matter how hard he worked to make her a household name. Sounds like a pain in the butt, right? At least he was paid a nice hefty fee for his troubles -- $4,000 a month. Correction. He was supposed to be paid that much but he had to take her to small claims court after she failed to pay. (I wouldn't doubt it. Wasn't Kim sued by her castmate Kandi Burruss who alleged she is owed money for creating "Tardy for the Party"?)

So, in case you wondered if all that brash, over-the-top, ridiculous behavior was an act for the cameras, this certainly clears that up. What you see is definitely what you get when it comes to this particular housewife -- big wig, nasty attitude, potty-mouth, and all.

Do you believe her former publicist's claims?

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nonmember avatar Karen

She is trash. She has married a man that is at least 15 years younger than herself, she caught him by getting pregers. Is this surprising? His mother didn't like it either, that was apparent in the shoe. Not only is she pregers, but she has two other children from different fathers. She is a gold digger that will take this man to the cleaners. She will have as many babies as he wants to get his money. What will she do when he is no longer making big money? She will leave him.

Marietta Kenney

We have always known she was a bitch but you putting it out there now is just rediculous coming from someone who knows to much about her and should have some loyalty or atleast morals not to go running his mouth about her. Sue her and end it.. And Kandi got what she deserved by not doing anything in writting first and knowing kim could not sing her way out of a paper bag Kandi should have been sued for making our EARS BLEED.. find some new stuff..

Lisa de la Rionda

After her behavior at the luncheon when she quit the show I thought, I will never watch another show of hers again.  I thought her behavior towards her parents at her wedding was horrendous and I will not give her the time of day anymore.  A woman like her does not deserve fame.  I feel Troy, (poor pu*&^whipped fellow), and her girls.  Troys boys will always be well taken care of.  Kim will bleed him dry then leave him and go back to "Big Poppa".  

Anne Breen Kenney

I like Kim, from what I see of her. I mean she isn't someone I know but she is entertaining us with her life.  As long as she doesn't really hurt someone, its all TV folks!!

nonmember avatar al34

I don't believe it at all people are willing to say anything just make money

nonmember avatar Denisa

Speaks volumes about the Publicist. Probably hurting his potential business more so than her's. She puts herself out there, we learned nothing new from his comments or this article. Other than he is not a professional.

Bronwyn Todd

She is ugly inside and out...Honestly I don't know what it is about her face and fake her but they just irk me. 

bills... billsfan1104

My favorite part of her show is her playing with her son. It is so cute

2kids... 2kids2dogs2cats

I think the fact she is real is part of her charm, so what she WAS a chain smoking wine drinking lady?  I am pretty sure she doesn't smoke anymore, and you can tell she loves her kids and husband more than life.

I would say that she is the one most of Cafe Mom could identify with, I like her, I like him, I like her kids. and I don't like your article.


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