Robert Pattinson’s Drunken Night Flirting With a New Girl Shows He’s So Over Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonWelp! This didn't take long. Not a week after his split from Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson is already out getting slammered at the Roosevelt and hitting on chicks. A talkative source reveals that RPattz arrived at the trendy hotel bar around 1 a.m., downed some cocktails, and chatted up a lovely brunette, all while smiling and having a grand old time.

Looks like someone moves on pretty quickly.

The gossipmonger went on to say that although there was some definite flirting going on, there was no touching.

Aww. RPattz. Ever the gentleman.

Here's the thing -- for someone who just ended a three-year relationship, it seems a little soon to be out partying, which leads me to believe he and KStew were dunzo months before it went public. Whether they were actively conscious that their relationship was over or not, it's pretty clear that Robert's already gone through a mourning phase, and is ready to get out there and meet someone new.

And yes, for the record, partying in the mourning phase is totally normal, too, but you just don't smile your way through it. You get polluted on bourbon, cry alone in the bathroom, and fall asleep with your clothes on. You're not interested in actually having fun until you've graduated into full singledom territory ... which is where we find Mr. Pattinson.

Rob appears to be well on his way to finding someone new. And hey, if you're in the L.A. area, start combing late-night hot spots. Who knows -- the next person he hits on could be you.

Or me.

Probably me.

Do you think Robert's already moved on?


Photo via Francois Durand/Getty

robert pattinson


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Lori Fowlkes

No it's gonna be me...Los Angeles here I come!!! Look out Rob!!!

nonmember avatar NoWay

Ummm ... haven't you ever heard of a thing called "Rebound Sex"? Duh!

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

sounds like he's trying to get back out in the partying scene to me. But, so what! He isn't the only guy that does it, and it's his business anyways so butt out people! get a life, geeze!

Lisa Hernandez

Who cares anymore abt these two there just drama Rob been cheating on Kristen to as well with Katy Perry how come they don't show that him at a concert and out to dinner with her there both just not mature enough as a couple to work out a problem he leaves and she cries BOO HOO then a couple weeks or less there in love again just really tired of there drama

nonmember avatar BeckyY

Getting drunk does not mean someone is "over" a broken romance; it just means they are drowning their sorrow and when you are drunk, any member of the opposite sex looks good! Be very careful Robert Pattinson....choose the right woman this time!

Sandie M. Howey

I think he is trying very hard to show he doesn't care, but he really does. and the only one he is going to hurt is himself.  It is kind of sad for the both of them. I don;t think either of them will be happy with anyone of then each other/

Cynthia M Costa

Yeah, Robert's already moved on pretty quickly.. Great for him to flirting with a new girl, so they are all while smiling.Yeah, he's so over Kristen Stewart. That's good... I am sure he is very happy, right now...

Christie Kocian

Where's the photographic proof?



nonmember avatar sara w

that is just stupid!!!

nonmember avatar JG317

Ahhh,yes, the ever-popular drunk and flirting story. Jesus, you could probably just search and change the dates and names for the number if times you've tried to push this bs... Here's the thing; a) a few cocktails does not equal drunk, nor does a conversation equal flirting. What? A man (single or otherwise) went out to a bar with friends and actually spoke to people. Perish the thought. How dare he smile and enjoy his life!! *sarcasm*

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