Ian Somerhalder Sounds Like Christian Grey in Mysterious Tweets That Prove He’ll Star in '50 Shades'

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder is one clever boy. As the rumors about him starring as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie continue to swirl, the actor is doing everything in his power to stoke the fire and capitalize on the buzz. To that end, the actor shared some vague musings on Twitter, which fans can't help but interpret as a sign he's totally going to play the sexy millionaire.

What musings, say you? THESE MUSINGS:

Ian tweeted:

Still can't sleep-jet lagg. Working on new movie script-take'n short break..

What I'm hearing through all that terrible spelling and grammar is that Ian is working on a new movie script. A NEW MOVIE SCRIPT. Could it be the first draft of the Fifty Shades film?

Then he shared:

Paris-it was short and sweet, thanks for the abundance of love. Great day in London, rehearsing new movie. So.  Damn.  Happy. Here.  In. Europe.

He's rehearsing a new movie! Is he running lines as Christian? Is he sitting with casting directors trying to pin down who'll play Anastasia?

And what about this staccato phrasing of his -- "So. Damn. Happy. Here. In. Europe." If that doesn't sound like something Christian Grey would write, I don't know what would. He's 100 percent channeling Mr. Grey.

So yeah, Ian's sending us subtle hints that he's tightening that gray tie as we speak. I mean, I bet if we added up the longitudes and latitudes of the locations from which he sent each tweet, the sum would equal the number of pages in Fifty Shades. He's just that good at throwing us signals.

And if Ian's not going to play Christian, he certainly knows how to play the crowd. This guy's gotten so much press off this rumor, it's ridiculous.


Do you think Ian's going to star in the movie?


Photo via vaguethehow/Flickr

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Clara Tezolin

IAN Grey yés!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irma Fuentes Garcia

CRAP!!!! Why can't they just the cast already this waiting is pissing everyone and YES for Ian

nonmember avatar laura

He is christian grey

Brandi Shook

Or he could be rehearsing a movie in Europe that has nothing to do with 50 Shades. I would LOVE to see him as Christian, I just simply think that people read way more into things than they should at time. No one knows who will play Christian and probably won't until there is an OFFICIAL announcement.

Kristin Smith

Team Ian 100000000% .. I'll def. be drooling through the film if Ian is casted as the ever sexy/erotic C.Grey... Love Ian in Vampire Diary's and his role in Lost. Gosh.. Ian is scrumptious. <3

Donna Anderson

I would love for him to be christian and can not wait for the movie

Beatriz Genovesi

YES!  PLEASE!  IAN is ChristIAN GREY!!!!

Masmaris Aemilius

booo!!! Ian is absolutely creepy, and nothing humble, hopefully just hearsay, because MATT. is. the. only. Christian. Grey.

Jessica Esque


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