Catherine Giudici Knows Sean Lowe Is ‘Bachelorette’ Desiree Hartsock’s Perfect Man

sean lowe and catherine guidiciTurns out Catherine Giudici didn't just walk away with Sean Lowe on season 17 of The Bachelor. She also got a new bestie. Desiree Hartsock may have been the competition, but that didn't stop the women from growing close. Now that Des is getting ready to find her own Mr. Right (or, more likely, Mr. Right Now), Catherine knows exactly the kind of man she needs. The perfect guy for her is ...

... active, an adventurer, and someone who is sweet and understanding. Then, she points to her fiance, "obviously someone like him."

Well, DUH! The Sean we met on that TV show is everyone’s ideal. Think about it. He's sweet, somewhat charming, has an amazing body, lavishes with attention, and treats you to the most amazingly romantic trips you've ever dreamed of. And did I mention he was hot? What woman wouldn't want all that in one, perfect, Ken-doll of a package? Who doesn’t want that?

But as all Bachelor fans are well aware by now -- these romances are all short-lived. And this is because that perfection is impossible to maintain in reality. Once the cameras stop rolling, the real "reality" begins. He snores, he's lazy, he never buys you flowers, he flirts with other women, he's cheap, he has a short temper. The best example of this disaster waiting to happen? Vienna and Jake. Seeing them seethe with hate for one another during the after-show made you wonder how the hell they got together in the first place. It was clear they knew nothing about each other (well, other than that she looked hot in a bikini and he had nice abs). You actually don't even meet the real guy or girl until the show is over. It’s that after-life that turns your supposed love into pure hate. 

I have no doubt Des will find her “ideal guy” during those two months of filming, even if he isn't an exact clone of Sean. But once his true colors start peeking through, it will inevitably crash and burn like ALL the others.

Do you think Sean is really the ideal guy for Desiree or can she do better?


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nonmember avatar Kathy

Sounds like the blogger's own love life has been a downer. Maybe she should try going on The Bachelor.

nonmember avatar Faith

She and Catherine both can do better than Sean. Did you not see Ashley confront him at the tell all? Sean isn't as truthful as he claims to be. My instincts tell me Sean will cheat on Catherine at some point if he already hasn't. Ashley would have been a better match but she was too good for him and he knew it

Chantel Cole

Sean Lowe and Catherine G. they already had a couple of arguments and rushing off to get married not only knowning each other a year it wont last.

nonmember avatar Lilly

I don't think Sean is "everyones" perfect guy. Des didn't seem that into him to me, not as much as Cahterine was, at least. I think Des did better with Chris, much better.

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