'RHOOC's Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge Get Wedding Spinoff (Hey, at Least It’s Not Gretchen & Slade)

tamra barneyHave you been dying to see a 45-year-old woman marry a very short 40-year-old man on TV? You're in luck. Tamra Barney of The Real Housewives of Orange County just confirmed that she and fiance Eddie Judge will have a wedding spinoff on Bravo. Joy. Tamra explains that she's excited to share the craziness of planning the big day with the fans who have watched her life play out on reality television for years.

Orly, Tamra? You're excited? That makes one of us.

Nothing against Tamra, I think she's pretty funny and I adore her deep-seeded anger problem, but it's just that the wedding spinoff is so played. Her new show will mark the FOURTH of its kind.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy had one, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann had one, NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes' re-marrying show is launching this summer, and now Tamra's is slated to hit the airways.

The phrase been there, done that comes to mind. Plus, is anyone actually invested in Tamra and Eddie as a couple? Need I remind everyone of that horrifying bathtub scene?! With the roses? And the nakedness? Cringe.

Bethenny's spinoff worked because she's a hilariously neurotic mess; Kim's worked because she's a closeted redneck in a fancy wig; NeNe's will work because, klonk! bloop!, she's NeNe; but Tamra's? What does she bring to the table? A bunch of kids we've hardly seen and a start-up gym? No thanks.

And if all that wasn't enough, she and Eddie might have TWO weddings. Double the fun? I think not.

But hey, I guess things could've been worse. At least Gretchen and Slade didn't get a spinoff.

Are you looking forward to Tamra and Eddie's spinoff?


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Serab... Serabelle

I'm excited! I love Tamara! I can't stand NeNe so will be skipping that one. These series are popular because they show the women in their real lives, away from the HW drama, with their family and close friends. I'm excited to see Tamara away from Alexis! I bet we will see a whole new side of her!

momofcfk momofcfk

First off it is her second marriage....she shouldn't be having a "huge" wedding. She is total white trash and there is very few who have not divorced after having a reality show. LOL Bravo will air anything......she is gross! Eddie is an idiot for marrying her. She needs to stop with the botox overload she looks 55 not 45. UGH

momofcfk momofcfk

Ok NO reality show is real life....lol it is all scripted. I had a friend who was on one and they told me how they are told what to do how to act....But one thing I am sure of Tamara is a crazy mean bitch! Who thinks she is better then everyone and i hate that she is rubbing off on Gretchen who now is a mean bitch. WHITE TRASH!!!

Sheri Permenter Parente

I guess if they should not have a big wedding because they have been married before is just a dumb comment, that is liking saying if you have been married once you should not get married again, what ever, there is no rule or law that you can not have a beautiful wedding as many times as you wish, it is their life not ours, Happy for all the housewives and the success they  have, and who cares if it is scripted its funny as hell and you must like to watch or you would not comment, why people have to be so rude about other people just baffles me,  You do not know these women on a personal level so to call them a mean white trash bitch is wrong, especially seeing yall know it is scripted and not real!!!!  I like all of them in one way or another it is just pure fun and funny to watch!!

Marta Hoelscher

hmmmmm deep SEATED....not deep SEEDED....

chris... chrisnjoesmom

I wish it was Gretchen and Slade instead....

Nansi Mc Daniel

YES I will be watching I love tamra!  and momofcfk its actually her THIRD marriage, not that it matters, if they want a huge wedding and can afford it then GO FOR IT! GOOD LUCK Tamra and Eddie!  NOW Bravo bring on Gretchen and Slades wedding too!

Samfan97 Samfan97

I think this is actually Tamra's third marriage, not second. Just sayin'...

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