Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart May Have Broken Up Because He Couldn't Stop Resenting Her

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartWe can sit here and speculate all day about what caused them to split, but most fans assume that Kristen Stewart's cheating is probably what put an end to her relationship with Robert Pattinson.

According to Us Weekly, Rob just couldn't get over the thought of Kristen locking lips (and possibly more) with Rupert Sanders -- and he didn't hesitate to remind her of her actions whenever he got the chance.

One source said, "He really put her through the ringer. Ultimately, it was like, 'Either we move past this or we don't.' It wasn't good for either of them."

Another insider added, "Rob always brings up the cheating scandal to Kristen. He hangs it over her head."

Um, can you blame him? Hearing that your girlfriend cheated on you with a married dude is never a good thing, but having the details of her infidelity plastered all through the media had to have added a new element of embarrassment into the mix that most regular couples don't have to contend with.

If what these sources say is true, then it sure sounds like Rob was harboring quite a bit of resentment for Kristen -- which is a clear sign that they never should've gotten back together in the first place. If you're willing to take someone back after they've cheated, the only way things will ever work going forward is if you wipe the slate clean and forgive them -- truthfully and wholeheartedly.

And that can be a pretty tough thing to do, especially considering the photos of Kristen Stewart making out with Rupert Sanders were everywhere after the cheating occurred. I'm sure it's been next to impossible for Rob to get those images out of his mind -- and based on their split, odds are good he'll never really get over what she did to him.

At this point, it's really best for both of them to move on with their lives and start dating other people. They've broken up not once, but twice now, presumably over Kristen's cheating, which makes it highly unlikely that they'd be able to survive another reconciliation for too terribly long. Bye bye, Robsten. We'll miss you. (Sort of.)

Do you think Kristen's cheating is to blame for her breakup with Rob?


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Sharon Dorrans Black

I wish the tabloids would publish something new for a change and leave this couple alone to get on with their lives.

Cindy Hatch Hall

I'm sorry - but there has been so much speculation and crazy stories that I don't think anyone knows what is actually reality - including Rob and Kristen.  There are so many lies out there, they couldn't possibly know what to believe anymore.  Yup - time to step back and maybe move to Idaho.  Wait, was that real or fake?  hmmmmmmmmm

Debbie Timbrook

no!!!! all you nosy reporters are to blame

nonmember avatar Angelique

I think when twilight ended the only thing left to fight for essthe cheating. and in my experience of a kiss bothers him so much maybe he has another woman to.

Ashley Faubus

Yes I think her cheating is at fault. Sorry but if I was with someone that cheated on my I would never be able to forgive them. He should of never got back with the cheating w**** anyway!!!! Love the movies but can't stand her!

Nadia Dupigny

rob u should for give her and move on. like the saying goes "you cannot see the good that some has been until you lose them". i know u make your movie based on your true character. i see how passionate and loving you are and i wish i could have someone like u. just pray and have faith in GOD he will one day send someone who will love u and someone who u can always trust so u don't have to be insecure. i love u rob...

Cynthia M Costa

I agreed it with Rob to be time to just get away from all of the drama.

Sorry! I agreed it with they're not really seeing each other..

Sorry! I agreed it with they'll not get back together, again that what Taylor says Kristen is so weird... Wow....

Sorry to heard it. I agreed it with Rob - He's fact.

I agreed it with Taylor, because he says sorry that's random but it's true - she can so weird....

He really needs to move on....whatever caused her to cheat will do it again!!!

nonmember avatar lindsay

duh, most people have a hard time getting over being cheated on

Lulu Collazo

This is so untrue!!!!!  The story behind the breakup is most likely Katy Perry related.  You'll see Robert and Katy together in time.  Kristen is always taking the blame.  Can you see how absurd is the "texting" story.  Who was in her house to prove that, or is it that team Robert is protecting what the truth is, and that is that he is wondering around, as always, Kristen called it quits.  Who wouldn't? c'mon, common sense!!!!

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