'True Blood' Season 6 Spoilers: Bad Boy Eric Is Back But Is He Going to Die?

true blood posterYou know what's so great about True Blood? Besides Alexander Skarsgard's naked torso? True Blood isn't just entertaining, it's educational. Educational television. And if you don't believe me, just consider the many, many things we've learned from the show: Faeries are like vampire potato chips -- no vamp can eat just one. Witches are the most boring "supe" on the block. Were-panthers are a thing. And now, thanks to a new poster for season 6, we've learned that "No One Lives Forever." (OMG, the Fame theme song was a lie!)

The question, of course, is which character is gonna stop living forever this season?!

Some (twisted, malevolent, and BLIND) people are insisting the blurry vamp in the poster is Alexander Skarsgard. Which simply cannot be the case. I mean, frankly, killing off Eric Northman would quite literally be the worst decision made by any TV show writers in the history of TV show writers. Ever. Got that, True Blood writers? EVER. Ahem. In my personal opinion, the fanger in the poster looks an awful lot like Mr. Bill Compton, who definitely has some bad karma headed his way after the Billith fiasco.

Anyway. According to Alexander Skarsgard, Eric will be getting back to his bad boy roots in season 6. “[Eric's] doing some evil stuff this year, some stuff that’s not so nice,” says Skarsgard. Guess that means we won't be seeing puppy dog-eyed, hoodie-wearing pushover Viking again anytime soon, though Skarsgard says he likes good Eric AND bad Eric:

“I like them both. It’s fun to go back and forth, you get to play around with both sides. It’s always more interesting than one extreme or the other ... when you have both within, and it’s an internal struggle.”

He's sooooooooo deep!!

Where were we? Oh yeah, who's gonna die?? If I had to choose a vamp to vanquish, I think I'd go with Steve Newlin (sorry, dude). Now that Russell's gone, he really serves no purpose, does he?

Which vampire do you think is going to die in True Blood season 6?


Image via HBO

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

The fangs are extra long- it has to be Billith. That whole story is creepy enough to be 'veiled.' Nothing about Eric is ok to veil over... ;-)

apoca... apocagirl88

Bilith is going to die not Eric

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

They can't kill off Eric... but if they do... please oh please let there be full-frontal nudity of him involved.

nonmember avatar tanya

I totally thought it was eric on the cover till I read steve newlin name and now im positive its steve newlin whos going to well not be living for ever. I am positive of this because on another soilers website I read that's steve newlins past ways and beliefs come back to haunt HIM!!! and that's fine with me because I honestly never thought he deserved being a vampire anyway. I mean it was clearly a great attempt at a punishment for trying to kill godric and eric in season 4 but who actually thought he wouldn't enjoy it right? anyways i'll be happy to see steve go so newlins got my vote!

nonmember avatar kim

killing off eric or bill would be a mayjor mistake for the show and they are the main characters have been since day one so i dont see them killing either eric or bill it has too be steve newlin

Sarah Love

Until I read this article, I didn't wonder who it was. To me it totally looks like Steve Newlin. Nobody in Hollywood has cheeks like his!

nonmember avatar Barbara

I thought it was Warlow.

nonmember avatar Karina

Why they killed Eric??!! That was a realy bad desition, i'm very upset!!

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