'DWTS' Finale Recap: Shocking Elimination Keeps Us Guessing Right Up Until the Very End

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Good grief. Did the season finale of Dancing With the Stars keep us guessing and scratching our heads, or what? I mean, you'd think the instant dances would've thrown us off track a bit and made it easy to see who would wind up walking away with the mirror ball trophy -- but the final three couples all did an outstanding job.

But wasn't it kind of strange that Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas wound up in fourth place instead of third...or even second? I didn't expect them to win the whole deal, but I kind of figured they'd wind up going further in the competition than Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff.

And after hearing Aly came in fourth -- I really started getting apprehensive about who would wind up winning this thing.

Don't get me wrong, I was a Jacoby fan this season for sure -- but I just didn't picture him as the champion of DWTS for whatever reason.

And I have to admit, when it was finally announced that he and Karina had landed in third place, I wasn't the least bit surprised. They were awesome this season, but the bottom line is that Kellie Pickler and Zendaya were the two contestants who were most deserving of ending up in the final two.

OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who got all nervous and held her breath as the winner of DWTS Season 16 was finally revealed.

Ahhhhh!!!! I seriously screamed a little bit when I heard Tom Bergeron say, "Kellie and Derek!" OMG. And I might have cried a little bit too. She SO earned that mirror ball trophy -- and as much as I lurvvvveee Val and thought Zendaya was incredible this season, Kellie was the clear winner from the start. Hands down. 

And if there is ever another DWTS All-Star Season, every other contestant who comes back will know Kellie is the one to beat. Let's hope they do. Wouldn't it be great to see her dance again?

Are you happy that Kellie and Derek won the competition?


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Hanhua Yin

Zendaya is the best dancer this season. Sucks that she didn't win.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I was so, so sad for Aly that she got 4th place. It happened to her so much during her gymnastics career- she always finished just off the podium, and that sucked. But I loved Kellie and Derek's routines, I think they deserved it :)

knitt... knittykitty99

I thought that DWTS let the cat out of the bag at the start of the show, by letting the audience pick the freestyle that they wanted to see again.

MaryAnn Remillard

Kellie most certainly was outstanding in her dances. She had excellent form and I am thrilled that she won. She was like a feather when Derek lifted her and did all the special moves that he did. Her  free style was so beautiful there was no other that compared.Alie should have come in third but that had to be how the voting went. Kellie so deserved to win. I would love to see her dance again..

Pat Bulley

I Thought Kellie and Derek would win it for sure after their freestyle on Monday!

despe... desperatelyTTC

I was rooting for Zendaya. I loved her freestyle!

tifferie tifferie

Zendaya had an unfair advantage. So I am glad Kelli won.

Gail Drazen Brownstein

dwts--picked the best of the best. congrads to kelly and derreck
you deserved it.

Debbi Anna

Absolutley thrilled Derek and Kellie won. Well deserved!

Phyllis Pressman Cohen

Derek's amazing choreography is really the difference between winning and losing. Kelly was a natural dancer but his choreography really put them over the top. Poor Allie, they cursed her from the beginning with the worst, most matronly costumes.

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