'RHOOC' Lydia McLaughlin Says Her Crazy Castmates Aren't 'Acting' Crazy -- They ARE Crazy!


Lydia McLaughlinI'll just come out and say this: I think Lydia McLaughlin of Real Housewives of Orange County is slightly annoying. OK, very annoying. I'm sorry doll -- it's just so easy to hold a grudge against someone you don't know when they have a ridiculously wealthy husband and go on dates to dinner via their own personal yacht.

Although annoying, McLaughlin seems a bit more grounded than her fellow housewives. In fact, the newest addition to the RHOOC cast has some good insight into the craziness of the franchise, saying that the Housewives drama you see on TV is no joke. "I think that the ladies are genuinely who they are on the show and that there isn't a lot of acting," said McLaughlin. "In some degree some of the worst drama actually happened when the cameras went down."

Wait, you mean worse than what we see on TV? How is that even POSSIBLE?!

Seriously though, the thought of these women being even more horrendous off-camera frightens me. Just like any trashy Bravo reality TV show, I've always been under the impression that the "stars" crank the volume up when the cameras are rolling. We already know that, sometimes, they stage get-togethers like lavish dinner and birthday parties that'll make for a good episode (remember Taylor Armstrong's daughter's crazy birthday party?). But the drama? Well, Lydia's insinuating that all of that is 100 percent real.

To think, these women are REALLY bugging out about the kind of drama I worried about back in middle school. According to Lydia, all of the petty problems that we see on camera, like one woman looking at another the wrong way, are legitimate.

Man. If things are WORSE when the cameras are off, then there's no doubt in my mind that this show is just giving them a breeding ground for even worse behavior. Before we know it, there's gonna be a spin-off about Housewives gone rogue! Or wait, I guess that's what we already have -- isn't it?

Can you believe that what we see on TV is only the half of it?


Image via Bravo

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Debbie Page Lazzara

As far as i'm concerned Lydia is the only nice person on the show,,, oh wait Vicki too, the rest of them are as sad as they can be.

Cindy Main

To the Author of this article.. Must suck to have to write about things you don't like and it shows.

nonmember avatar Kim

Lydia fist thank you for being you. An I would love to live in your shore for just one day an not worry about anything an save my home an putting my daughter thru college. You can write back back love ur mom she is great .

Norma J Brill

this latiest house wife needs to go.


nonmember avatar punkette

Nice article. WOW! what a pic you chose of her...i have one question. i had a set of twins in my school and they look eerily like lydia. is it because of premature birth, or what?

Larry Louis

Lydia is annoying! She is standing there telling Slade that he should say things to her face and not behind her back and then she turns around and calls Gretchen Malibu Barbie. Get a grip and a cheeseburger while you are at it!

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