Val Chmerkovskiy's Scary 'DWTS' Injury Almost Cost Him the Competition (PHOTO)


Val ChmerkovskiyThe final four couples on Dancing With the Stars gave their last performances last night. While everyone did an amazing job, Val Chmerkovskiy's injury during rehearsals could've changed the course of the night -- and not in a good way.

While they were practicing their routine, Zendaya accidentally elbowed Val in the eye, leaving a gash on his face that would not stop bleeding.

I know. A gash on Val's ridiculously gorgeous face. Don't be embarrassed -- I freaked out a little bit when I first saw it too. (OMG. Just look at him!)

I mean, the dude is practically a work of art, he's so freakin' hot, so the thought of something happening to his good looks is kind of tough for this cougar fan to process. (I've never been shy about my feelings for Val, so I see no need to hide them this time around. We have a thing. Deal with it.)

Ok, let's get back to the serious stuff. At first, Val was bleeding so much that producers almost sent him to the hospital, which would've meant another pro stepping in and dancing with Zendaya to take over for him last night. And that would've just flat out sucked for all parties involved. Sure, the other pros are good. But they aren't Val, and they haven't been dancing with Zendaya for weeks on end, so there's no way the performances would've been as strong or authentic.

Thankfully, a doc came to the set and managed to get it to stop bleeding so he could go on, but he did head straight to the plastic surgeon after the show ended. The result? Fourteen stitches. All because of an out-of-control elbow. 

But even though he was literally banged up, you never would've guessed Val was hurt during any of last night's performances. He and Zendaya definitely have a huge shot at taking home the mirror ball trophy. If I had to guess, I'd say it will probably come down to them and Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough vying for the title.

Let's just hope rehearsals go a little more smoothly before the finale airs this evening.

Do you think Val and Zendaya will win DWTS?


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Susan Seufert

Val is a warrior.  A hot,sexy warrior at that.  I had no doubt he would still dance.  Having the highest score of the night puts them at an advantage.  However, conveniently went down as the show was ending.  Coincidence??  Trying to level the playing field are you ABC by slowing down the votes???  Zendaya has millions of Twitter followers and Val has rabid, loyal, determined fans...if ABC didn't change the results...I think you and I may be smiling tonight!

Ginny Peluso

I`m so sorry he was injured but so glad he was able to dance for their sakes but also because when Zendaya didn`t win the mirror ball trophy all of those fans who are already yelling it was fixed and she should have won would have been positive she lost because she couldn`t dance with Val. She was fabulous, THEY were fabulous, don`t get me wrong. But Kellie had better technical skills and her win was well deserved. Had she not been in the competition Zendaya would have undoubtably won. But every season there are those screaming it was fixed. What would make the network want to see one dancer win over another?????


Maryann Tarantino

Still irritated that Val and Zendaya didn't win...I say bring back the other talent...Max...and leave Derek out a couple of seasons...too many talented dancers to keep the same ones on all every season...just sayin!


Carol Kozlowski Bajor

I wondered how he was injured.  That's quite a few stitches, especially if he was going to go to a plastic surgeon.  I think Kellie really deserved the prize but Val and Zendaya were excellent.  I'm glad that Val has been kept on DWTS; maybe with his brother Max on "vacation", Val didn't have that brotherly competition.  Can u imagine 2 superb dancers in one family!  I thought Val was very mature with some of his comments this year.....especially when he encouraged parents to help their children follow their dreams.  Obviously, his did.









Mary Brock

No. I thunk Kelly and Derek are better dancers

Robert E Gaspar

Zendaya is a pro -that is not what this show is about. She should not have even been in it. So Yes, Kelly and Derek, though Derek is not my favorite, they were the very, very best. No question.

Laurel Turner

Val was jipped.  Zendaya and Val all the way and ABC messed up.  On line voting down was a hoax.  I am really glad that Val shined this year.  He matured as a person on camera and his dancing was outstanding.  Kellie wore low class outfits and swung around on a pole.  I am sorry but she didn't dance.  Derek drug her around the dance floor.  They need to bring Val and Zendaya back and get it right.  

Deborah Yates

His body is hot..his face..not so hot...

Robert E Gaspar

Kellie did not swing around on a pole, that was Ally and Mark in the finals. I think you got your dancers wrong, please check again.

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