Kristen Stewart’s Bad Moods May Have Pushed Robert Pattinson Over the Edge for Good

kristen stewartWe're still processing the Robsten breakup -- here on The Stir, and possibly also in therapy, I mean, maybe. (What, I thought everyone talked to their therapists about celeb couples.) I feel like we've heard a lot from Kristen Stewart's camp all along. Well today, we're getting Robert Pattinson's side of the story. A friend of his is spilling on what really broke Robert and Kristen apart -- and it's not just about the Rupert Saunders scandal.

The friend says they started fighting after Rob blew off the birthday party Kristen planned for him. "All this stuff came up about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody
she always is." Kristen Stewart? MOODY? Get outta here!

I'm joking of course. I guess what we saw of Kristen was what Rob got from her. Know what I mean? Sourface McFrowniepants isn't just pouting because she hates being followed by the paps. She's just... that way. What probably started out as romantic and mysterious brooding apparently got old for Rob. We've all been there, right?

And she was probably moody for no good reason at all. And THAT makes it even worse. I mean, if you're contemplating the next Great American Novel or the plight of the poor or your craft as an actress that's one thing. (And even that can get tiring for your partner -- ask me about my years living with an artist. On second thought, don't.) But if you're grumpy just because you're incapable of generating any contentment of joy on your own, well... who wants that?!?

Rob probably figured out that it's not his job to make Kristen a happy person. Only she can do that for herself. (OMG, look, here's Rob driving a truckload of his belongings away from Kristen's house on Sunday!)

Rob is supposedly still torn, and I feel for him there. He may still have feelings for Kristen, and he may feel like he'll never feel the same way about another woman again. But hopefully he's got trustworthy friends who can help him do what's best for himself.

Are you surprised to hear Kristen's moodiness was one of the issues that broke her and Rob apart?



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nonmember avatar Ava Maria

How do you know Kristen was being "moody" for no reason? Everyone is always talking about how Kristen never smiles, always looks mad or upset, etc., etc. Well, if you had a camera shoved in your face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every time you walked out your front door, you wouldn't exactly feel like smiling all the time either. Give the girl a break. In fact, give Rob a break. Let them work their problems out on their own. Who knows, they may be back together right now & no one knows it yet.

Jamie L Bost


Momma... MommaCady

I'm sorry but pap cameras in your face is part of the job! If you're a cop you might get shot, if you're a SAHM your hard work may go unrecognized, if you're a dr you might get sued. Famous people need to stop whining.

nonmember avatar Joe D-Lishus

Moody??? I thought Kristen Stewart only had one mood, and that is "Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Seriously, the girl smiles as much as she LEGIMATELY acts, which is nearly never.

nonmember avatar Daniela Molina

well if they broke up is their problem, not ours. We have to understand that when a couple is not meant to be, then is not. I know they're both meant to be. remember the phrase ''They always end up together'' <- Kristen's friends said that! I'm team Robsten, if the actually broke up, i'm killing myself. I wouldn't have a reason to live for, I like to see people happy, especially them. This is NOT HAPPENING.

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