Kristen Stewart's Dirty Secret Won't Bring Robert Pattinson Back (VIDEO)

Breakups are never fun. Especially when you're Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and the entire world is watching. There's still no word on how Rob is handling everything, but apparently KStew is completely miserable. Like, a total mess. You won't BELIEVE what she's been doing (or, err ... not doing) since the split -- check it out:

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Kristen Stewart's a Mess After Robert Pattinson Split

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Do you think Robsten is over for good?

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nonmember avatar Rene

Must be nice to get paid to be a bitch and worry about everyone eles problems but your own.

Jen Brunner

Conaidering you played the same stuff when they broke up the first time... trying to reuse your own post should get you to lose your job.... give real bloggers/authors the chance to make some money instead of you reposting old news. Yeah they broke up again, but coming back with the " no shower " bit again... come on... really?

apoca... apocagirl88

Yeah and she doesn't shower come on that disgusting. :l

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

so what if she doesnt shower...why does the world need to know that any ways? like it's the worlds business? Geeze, get a real job honey & broadcast something worth listening to!sarcasm

Honey Hayden

Like normal people they need time to handle thier affairs instead of everyone else putting thier nose n it. They are human so time heals all wounds even self inflicted ones.

Debbie Timbrook

you have no idea if she is showering or not!! stay out of their are all freaking nosy..

Jamie Austin

glrl he ait worth it ur movie star he just aint worth it go forjacob he hot

Jane H. Crabill

Stefanie every day you become a bigger joke. What can we find on you and plaster it all over the internet. Oh silly me, I won't have to investigate. Good journalist don't have to do that!!! Just make up something that sounds good especially while they are hurting. That always makes even a better story and we know that you are right there with her daily seeing what she does and does not do.   

Donna Lightle

Your mother must not have washed your mouth out when you were little when you lied.....she should have!!!  My daughter was taught not to say anything nasty and to bite her tongue than hurt someone else's feelings.  Yours will come around some day.  Bad Karma!!

Sierra Rochelle

I want Kristen and Robert to get back together. they are prefect for each other.

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