'Teen Mom 3' Cast Looks to Maci Bookout for Advice

Teen Mom 3The girls of Teen Mom 3, MTV's next season of the hit show, aren't even going to know what hits them when the show premieres (rumor says it will do so late this summer). There will be fame, "fortune," tabloids, and rumors galore. Buckle your seat belts girls. Luckily, the crew seems to have Maci Bookout to help them along on their journey.

The girls -- Alexandria Sekella, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana DeJesus, and Katie Yeager -- were in New York City filming what is rumored to be their first season reunion with Bookout.

Amber is in jail now. Jenelle is in and out of jail. Farrah is in porn. These are cliches. All the MTV shows in the world couldn't stop these women from becoming cliches.

Maci, on the other hand, is working hard to raise her son, save her money, get her education, and build a good life. It's very easy to think MTV will be there to break your fall or that it's a money train straight to the top.

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But these girls don't make enough to make their lives from this. They aren't wealthy from these shows and they aren't truly famous (unless infamy counts). It would be important for them to remember that.

Maci does her appearances, she appears in the tabloids, but she hasn't done cheap things to cash in or engaged in twitter wars. She is rising above, raising her kid, and trying to move forward. Good on her.

I hope these girls follow her lead and not some of the other more dubious cast members. Only time will tell.

What do you think of the Teen Mom 3 cast?


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nonmember avatar chlli

people need to boycott this show and its advertisers so this show will go away. you can also block mtv..

nonmember avatar FatJess

I think this is an amazing show... shows how i can be famous for being a prego teenager. this is what i look up too.

nonmember avatar cori

Or if u dont like it dont watch it or read it! Its hard to be a teen mom i was pregnant @17 had my baby right after i turned 18. This show shows teens its not easy and sometimes you have to do what you have to do to support ur baby. With or with out this show teens are gonna have kids its been happening for years my mom is in her 40s had her first at 15 my grandmother in her 60s had first at 16 its not the show its the ppl doing it was there a show that made maci get pregnant no theres not it just happens thats what come with having sex i have to babys im 21 i work and take care of my babies i was a teen mom i work all the time to take care if them and so does there daddy so dont hate cause maybe it impacts someones life poorly or naybe it impact there life greatly you never do kno and prolly never will and no matter weather they have sex for money or work at a burger joint ir are in jail or in and out of jail no matter what they love there babies!

Jones Nicole

I can't wait see where are they now .


Darla James Eaton

I really like the show, but a real  teen mom would not be able to buy new cars, move as much as they do. The show doesn't show how hard it is to really be a mom.    

Melanie Carol Lanier

I love this show. I was not a teen mom but at 23 you are still learning. Love Teen Mom all the cast memebers some have made mistakes but on the other hand are you perfect no.

Fee Wolbert

This show is to teach Teenagers that it is hard to raise a baby......It's a very good show.....Maci was always my favorite. shes the best mom on teen mom 1 amber is in jail farrah is in porn so it looks like maci is the only one taking care of her child and katlin shes not even a mom she gave her child up so was never sure why she was on there.


nonmember avatar REALLY?

Since when does giving your child up make you any less of a mother? Fee, your mother should've swallowed.

nonmember avatar nicole

Wish this show was out when I was young and having sex. Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to watch. I think its great that they get to make some money for their lifes and children. I personally people are just jealous of their little bit of fame and little bit of money. Mac used to be my favorite but she needs to let josh breathe a little. Let her baby stay in bed if he is asleep . A baby grows in his sleep. Its the most important part of his little life. I do wish she would take more of her mother s advice. She is still a sweet girl. Brianna , Novas mamma. Oh I wish her mother and sister would pipe down . Let that girl form her own thoughts. I feel like her sister is fairly jealous of her and the love and bond she shares w/ her baby and mother.I think if she thought she would have that kind of support she would have kept her baby. Not talking mean about her. Just wish her decision didn't haunt her or effect the way she treats her sister. Mamma bear needs to let Brianna think for herself. Katie is my favorite. The 3rd season is absolutely my favorite. wish them all well. I just wish Mac would stop bbegging Josh for his attention. She is just pushing Now he married her out of respect . I wish she would listen to her mother. I wish all these wonderful girls the best.I hope to see such sweet girls on future teen moms. Please MTV. only girls like season 3. Plus all beautiful inside and out.

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