'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Arrested for a Brand New Crime

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Jenelle Evans mugshotIt's been, what, a month since the last time Jenelle Evans went to jail? The Teen Mom 2 star must have had a jones for her favorite hangout, because she's been arrested again! And she took the whole thing so seriously that she not only flashed a big grin in her (latest) mugshot, but jumped right on Twitter when she got home to make fun of it all!

Come on guys, this is just a day in the life of the reality star. You don't expect her to actually be bummed that she's been hauled into the pokey, do you? Sheesh!

TMZ reports Jenelle was arrested this time for missing a court date on her year-old cyberstalking case. A warrant was issued for her arrest for failure to appear, and she was placed under arrest yesterday by Brunswick County (North Carolina) Sheriff's deputies. Jenelle confirmed this on Twitter, where she admitted she no-showed, but said she got it all taken care of in 10 minutes, and now she's home in bed ... sick.

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Considering she spent yesterday explaining to her fans that she's already had her tonsils removed and is allergic to penicillin, it seems she DID have plenty of free time yesterday. Priorities, people, priorities! When people suggested maybe her Twitter had been hacked because she was so active, Jenelle denied it:

It's funny u guys think cuz I haven't been on twitter I've been in jail, I got in and out in an hour. Wasn't a big deal. Now getting off,bye

Yeah, because it's so much better that she really WAS on Twitter instead of taking time to deal with her legal obligations?

Is it any wonder Jenelle now has 10 (count 'em!) mugshots to her name? Most of us would be horrified to be arrested even once. She's proud it took her less than an hour to get it all squared away, so she could go back to milking the fans for sympathy for her sore throat.

What do you think it will take for Jenelle to take this seriously?


Image via Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

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Peter Acebal

she still exists...shouldn't that be a capital felony at least?????

Peachess Brenda Hulett

I think about 4 years in prison will do her some good.. to be honest.. that may straighten up her up because everyone knows shes NOT a mother because her mother is the one raising her son.. because she cant cope with life.. have the time.. and doesnt want to listen to her mom about anything. so i do believe she shouldnt be able to keep getting away with the stuff shes been doing.. prison would do that girl some good locked away for a long time.. she will have time to think about her life and everything in it... 

Mallory Patton

I think it will take her actually doing some serious time, not just little in and out's that she knows she can get right out for.

mom1c... mom1child


mom1c... mom1child

she making other teenn mother look bad because what she doing come on jenllenstraight up u have lit boy take care of come to va straight her ass up 

Kristina Hamer

She just needs to stay locked up

nonmember avatar T.S.

Wow! Not surprised! Why in the world has she not been arrested for a longer period of time having 10 arrests???? Is it because she is famous and has money!? She gets away with everything....no wonder she keeps doing it! Leave her in jail for 1 year and I bet that will straighten her out....we hope....

Deborah Gutierrez

Who is the IDIOT that keeps bailing her out?  (other than her mother).  Poor Jace.

Julia Rodriguez Padilla

she'll regret it in 10 years tops. Thats if she stops using drugs. I think most people get to a point in their lives where they want to better themselves, but then the arrest records come back to haunt you. I just feel sorry for her because shes so naive, shes not always going to have money doing the teen mom show, it will eventually end one day

Lisse... Lisse_2006

She has fans? LOL!

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