'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Slade's Lame Birthday Gift to Gretchen Is Bad News for Their Marriage

Gretchen RossiJust when I was finally getting behind the idea of Slade Smiley marrying Gretchen Rossi, he had to go and give her the most outrageous birthday gift on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I mean, really?

There they were high off a weekend away together in San Diego. They left the hotel, and the valet pulled around with every girl's dream -- a fancy new car with a huge pink bow tied around it. Not just any car either -- a Rolls-Royce.

Gretchen was stunned and in disbelief. "Are we all of a sudden rich, and I missed it?" she wondered. Nope -- that wasn't it.

He just upped her lease a bit -- the one she was and still will be paying for. He didn't even offer to cover the difference. She wasn't amused either. "Hold up, when you make that big of a decision, I need to be involved," she said.

While he does have a job (finally), it's not like his debt just disappeared, nor do I imagine that hosting a radio show has him rolling in major amounts of dough. So why the big showy gift ... with Gretchen's money? It's such a reminder of his slimy ways of old, and makes me fear for their future together. Though maybe they deserve each other.

Gretchen was like a hawk watching Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson at the celebration after Heather Dubrow's appearance on Hot in Cleveland. She practically salivates with joy when the two are fighting, but when they start getting along -- as they did tonight -- she frets and looks for ways to stir things up.

After Tamra called Vicki a bitch last week, I thought that really might be the end for them, but they just don't seem to be able to quit one another. Tonight after a few tense moments, they seemed to have made up a little and were clinking glasses by the end of the night. Maybe once Lauri Peterson (who seems to have a grudge against Vicki) is back in the picture more, she'll provide the ammunition Tamra needs to cut Vicki out once and for all, but I doubt it. 

Best moment of the night -- Vicki putting on the glasses with a snout and asking Slade what he thought. He didn't look amused.

What did you think of Slade's gift to Gretchen?


Image via Bravo

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blunt... bluntcakes

I didn't like how what's her face kept pushing the pot issue with her mom. She speaks as if though her mother is on crystal meth.

nonmember avatar angie..

Can someone explain to me why on the heck Gretchen wears so much make up ? And those giant pieces of jewelry......sometimes less is more!

Jenny... JennyG0929

And too much botox on such a young woman! Her picture above says it all.

nonmember avatar JerseyNIK

So reeeDICK LOL...and w her $$$!!?? Seriously??? i was starting to like them together but she deserves wayyyy better than that!

Erika Coico-Ferrazzano

I also didnt like how the new girl ( forgot her name) kept telling her mom she felt like she had an ugly secret. Your mom is a grown woman who raised her smoking and from what i can see she is fine. STOP trying to run your moms life.. I understand how you dont want her to be high when she has the kids but she told you she would never do that so lighten up girl. Your mom is a great woman from what i have seen of her and likes her life the way it is. All your doing new girl is putting a wedge in between you two and you only have one mom. Gretchen and Slade are not in reality. I mean really you bought her a gift with her own money? Low life Slimy. Vikki was funny when she put them glasses on. It shows she does have a sense of humor. As far as Tamera and Heather i don't care for either one. Specially Heather from the night with the bow on the damn cake. She ran around that whole party talking about it. Shut the eff up already. Your phony and not only that you treat your husband so badly that the viewers are sad for Terry. Hes a jokester be happy about that he could be like Jim, controlling and grumpy. Well not this season for Jim cause hes high as a kite, imo. Lex needs to get off the show. Lastly Laurie's back to cause trouble? How about go home and worry about your own damn family and leave Vikki alone. Your jealous or something because why would you come back just to start drama with V. Grow up all of you. Show us something positive and real!!

nonmember avatar Gina

Gretchen must have low self esteem to keep supporting Slade. He has no class and is a leech.

nonmember avatar Darlene

But it's only a couple hundred dollars more a month! LoL Who drives something like that? Wait, Alexis that's who! Must keep up with the other OC loser's! Why can't Andy Cohen show normal people (not Honey BooBoo)! Come to my area Andy, on our block we call ourselves the Desperate Housewives, we get along have BBQ's, go out for ladies night & have over all good fun with no arguing...Wait, that would make for bad TV...Sorry

Manno Mary

Slade is a low life ans she sure can do a heck of a lot better than him.....that wasn't a b/d/ present...he was spending her money.....he is using her big time...................


Kerri Powers

I made a comment on twitter ( You don't own anythig its a lease) and she got mad and answered me saying I own my home,Range Rover and businesses! I said I think it was shady of Slade to get ur hopes up for even a few mins.And ur footing the bill,whats the bow for?  And then I was attacked by all her (mean girls) followers.lol BLOCKED  Slades slimmy,and she was even mad in the episode,now shes protecting him saying it was a good financial dission...To lease a Rolls 

Sabrena Moore Cole

Slade didn't give Gretchen a Gift! Going out & buying something 4 someone with THEIR OWN MONEY isn't a "Gift"...I would take it as more of an insult than anything! I know he feels pressure to "Keep up with the Jones'" because of the show, but I'm sure Gretchen would rather him had done just about anything (even if he just made her something) than pull this big stunt! She's constantly having to defend him & it has to get exhausting, cuz every time things start going well, he does something like this to totally humiliate her!!! For him to do some of the stupid things he does is bad enough...but to do them when her cast mates are around or are definitely gonna find out the details, must be torcher for her! GRETCHEN, YOU COULD DO SOOOOO MUCH BETTER, YOU DESERVE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! It's like Slade will do anything for "time on the air"...whether it's negative or positive! It's like a kid wanting attention...they'll do anything to get it!!!!

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