'Real Housewife' Porsha Williams Left Homeless & Heartbroken by Divorce Battle

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prosha williamsThings just keep getting worse and worse for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams. As if it wasn't bad enough that she was blindsided by husband Kordell Stewart's decision to file for divorce, it seems as though the divorce battle has left her homeless as well. New court papers filed by Porsha's lawyers that were obtained by TMZ reveal how cruel Kordell has been throughout this whole sordid mess.

According to the documents, Porsha alleges that Kordell locked her out of the house on many occasions and that her lawyers have begged him for the keys, but the former NFL star refuses to give in. Not only that, Porsha claims she tried to work things out via a mediation session but that her estranged hubby blew the whole thing off. How could a couple seemingly so in love just months ago drift so far apart?

The worst part? The papers make it appear as though Porsha has no place of her own to live. She has asked the judge to order Kordell to pay her enough money so that she can get a "suitable alternative residence." A source tells the website that for now, she is back living with her mom. How sad.

This may be the most humiliating Real Housewives downfall to date. In one year, she went from a blinged-out, jet-setting lifestyle and being madly in love with her husband to essentially begging the court to get him to give her enough to survive on. For other housewives, it at least took two to three seasons for them to hit rock bottom. I feel sorry for her.

Do you think Kordell is being cruel to Porsha?


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Serab... Serabelle

And this is why depending on a man for money is a dangerous thing. I hope she gets EVERYTHING after what a douche he has become. No woman should ever date him again.

Angie Chambers

Hello Yea  She can do better He is not all that Looking Like He Looking!!!!!!!!

Delia Drayton

, This will make her strong.  i know she can do better without him. make him pay out his A..

abra819 abra819

Touch breaks sweetie. Get over it. Life goes on...

Barbara Denny Martin

This is sad for him to do that. The money she made from the show she should have banked it....it's okay to depend on your husband but all ways have your own money.....I personally know women who have been left like this...

jalaz77 jalaz77

Women like this drive me nuts. Nothing is a guarantee, nothing, what if he would of died? She'd be on her own. She needs to get a job, a real job, be less materialistic, toughen up and move on.

nonmember avatar Me

She is a tramp and is getting what she deserves. After all, when you go on TV as a gold-digga, and get all trashy and ghetto, what the hell do you think will happen to you. I will toss her some Varsity Hotdogs and an FO when I pass her on Peach Tree

nonmember avatar Nai

This is a very tough tough lesson every single married woman has got to learn. No matter how happy you are, no matter how strong your marriage there are certain things you need to do to protect yourself and your children if you have any. Keep aside your own money, he should encourage this too. As another commenter brought up, if your husband passes you could be locked out of the family finances at least for a while. Keep some on the side just in case. If you stay at home, try to be creative about keeping a steady source of income like sell mary kay or tupperware. You don't have to do much just something that keeps you out there so if need be you can ramp up your business anytime you need. And always stay abreast of the family debt, financial needs and assets.

Dorothy Hernandez-Villuendas


nonmember avatar Ms. Ejai

Why didn't she know to only put your trust in only one man. I know you must know who he is. Next thing always have money saved for rainy days, because they will surely come. Good luck.
Whatever he took or cheated you out of
you'll have it again. Besides, he can't take it with him. I've never seen a Moving Van following a "Hurst". Happiness with material things don't last long. Be happy with yourself and your dignity. Keep on pressing your way girl

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