'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's 15 Minutes of Fame Is Running Out But There's Still Hope!

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

His journey on Dancing With the Stars may have ended a couple weeks ago, but Sean Lowe and his fianceé Catherine Giudici still have yet to pack up and move from Los Angeles to his hometown of Dallas.

Based on how traditional the two of them make themselves out to be, you'd think they would've rented a U-Haul and headed outta town immediately after he got booted from DWTS -- so what the heck is making them stick around for a bit longer?

Ahh, yes. The promise of staying in the spotlight. And that must've been what they were going for when they attended the Maxim Hot 100 party in Hollywood last week.

Ok, so maybe them scoring an invite to this particular shin-dig isn't a huge surprise, being that they're reality TV people and all. But then when Miley Cyrus took the top spot on the Hot 100 list, Sean posted a photo on Instagram and said, "@catherinegiudici got robbed! So much hotter than Miley."

Gag me. I mean, awwwww, how sweet! But was he kidding -- not about thinking Catherine is hot, but about her being in the same league as the celebs who made the cut?

Huh. Sure sounds like Sean may be a little bit more into the fame thing than he ever let on. And Catherine must dig it too; otherwise, she would've high-tailed it out of L.A. by now.

But with The Bachelor and DWTS both over, these two are already fading out of sight a little bit, so they'd better step up their game if they want to continue to hang with the in crowd.

And I've got a few suggestions for how they can stretch out their fame a bit further.

  1. Co-host a reality show -- Like their own dating show or something. Maybe pairing born-again virgins up with other born-again virgins and then teaching them all sorts of fun card games to play in the fantasy suite since they can't, well -- you know.
  2. Make-out tape -- They can't exactly record a sex tape, but maybe people would fork over a ton of cash to watch the two of them swap spit for an hour or two.
  3. DWTS in reverse -- Duh. It's Catherine's turn. If she can secure a spot on next season's show, they can take a nice break knowing they have the promise of more fame waiting in a few months.
  4. Cheating scandal -- Didn't they learn anything from Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? They need a real cheating scandal -- not just rumors. If Sean would just go ahead and give into temptation and get caught entering a hotel room with Peta Murgatroyd, he and Catherine will be at the top of the leaderboard again.
  5. Amazing Race -- OMG. They should SO do the Amazing Race. They're both athletic, and pretty to look at, which already gives them a leg up on being cast. And it would be so fun to see them fight and get under each other's skin. Drama = fame.

What do you think Sean and Catherine should do to extend their fame?


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Karo N. Gary

Amazing Race would be interesting. I think Sean would be jealous if Catherine went on DWTS. He hits me as wanting to be the star and the "little woman" just sigh and compliment him continuously. Tired of them, don't think he's all that interesting. sticking out tongue

Samantha West

Neither one of them are celebrities in my eyes.  I don't think reality show people should be considered for anything in the category of "stars."  I agree with Karo Gary.  I am over them also.  Go get married and get the life you said you wanted.

nonmember avatar Lindsay

Who cares? He was joking. He thinks his fiancee is beautiful and that's all he was saying. He didn't actually think she would win. Stop trying to make stories out of normal things that people post everyday. He's a person. He jokes. It's his Instagram. End of story.

nonmember avatar Joann

Amazing Race bc I don't watch that show.

Terry Lynn Taylor

whats the matter with you? they are a cute decent couple. hanging around to support the dancing finales.


nonmember avatar BUbba666

Sean's right. Catherine is much prettier than Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is scary without makeup. Short top lip gives her the perpetual chipmunk toothy look. Not attractive.

nonmember avatar kelly

Sean had to stay for finale of dancing with the stars. If they decide to stay in LA it is none of our business. That is their lives.

Donna Frankenberg

If ANYONE truly thinks Miley Cyrus is hotter than Catherine, they need to have their heads examined. Miley Cyrus is cheap, tawdry, and trashy. UGH! One comment earlier said she's scary without makeup -- PUH-LEEZ! She's even scarier WITH makeup!


Ruby H. Davis

You seem to be helping them a lot by wasting our time reading this junk.  I'm ready for them to do whatever they want and leave the star and glamour while they can. Stick with it if you don't want a normal life.  I was all for Sean during Bachelor and Bachelette.  After he got on Dancing with the Stars he became (stuck up)  for a better way of saying a Jerk.  He couldn't dance and thought because of his beauty he could get anything or person he wanted.  

Sue-Ann Bresett Trucott

I think you need to ease up on them. It is after all a free country. You sound a little envious of them.

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