Taylor Swift Acts Like a Child When Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Kiss -- Watch & See! (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber

Could it be any more obvs that Taylor Swift disapproves of Selena Gomez's relationship with Justin Bieber? Taylor sat close to her BFF Selena at the Billboard Music Awards like a protective mother hen and had something to say to her when Biebs got onstage to accept his Milestone award. She also staunchly kept seated when Selena refused to stand while everyone else around them stood up to applaud the singer, who was getting booed by at least half the audience. But the real fireworks didn't start until the crew got backstage. That's when Justin grabbed Selena for a kiss and Taylor let everyone know how she felt about it by sticking out her tongue and practically gagging. It was like something out of Mean Girls. And all caught on video. Thank GOD.

It starts backstage as Biebs (or is that Andrew Dice Clay?) is milling around -- probably waiting for Selena, as she just happens to suddenly come by with Taylor. Selena catches sight of Bieber and suddenly flashes a huge smile -- never mind all of the scowling she did during his time onstage. The smile looks fake to me though, like one of those smiles you put on when you're trying to pretend that everything is just fiiiiiiine.

Jelena hug while Taylor keeps walking, not even saying hello to Biebs. CLEARLY NOT A FAN. But catching sight of the two of them cheek kissing behind her, she scrunches up her face and sticks out her tongue. Man, I wonder what she does when she runs into Harry Styles!

Taylor then stands waiting for her pal to catch up, but you know how THAT goes. No matter how much your BFF tells you she can't stand him and will never EVER get back together with him, she's gonna flirt with him all night. Seeing that Selena isn't moving from Justin, she stands her ground. Such a stick in the mud!

When Selena's redheaded friend, who has a tight grip on her hand, can't budge Sel from Justin, Taylor pouts and pulls her hair back. It's classic God, I can't believe she's talking to that douche body language.

Judging by how reluctantly Selena moves on from Justin -- only literally DRAGGED away by her friend -- I'd say these two are still hot for each other.

Can't blame Taylor for being a concerned friend. She's probably heard the complete lowdown from Selena about every.single.wrong. committed by Justin, and she just wants her friend to get over it. But you know how those dysfunctional relationships go. It'll burn out when it's ready and not one second before.

But you keep tryin', Taylor! Taylena for student council president!

Have you ever had a friend who just couldn't stay away from her ex?

Image via ABC/YouTube

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Maias... MaiasMommy619

LOL...from the limited amount of info I do know about these three..I know that Taylor is good friends with Justin..SOOOO I think she was just joking....

Serab... Serabelle

Oh look, another article on this site trying to slam Taylor. Get over it! She's mega rich, mega famous, and wins a shit ton of awards. Know why? Fan vote! She has tons of fans because she's relatable. Her songs are for her fans, which is age range 10-30. Girls that age have lots of crushes, hearbreaks and all the things she writes about. I'm so sick of people slamming her for her dating life because she dates so many guys. Sorry she hasn't found the one yet at 23! No 23 year old should get married anyways! No one talks about all the girls these guys sleep with!

TheMi... TheMillerFamily

I cant believe anyone would be suprised by this, she makes a break up song about every relationship that she was in.....and your suprised that shes immature

nonmember avatar Amber

Huh? I didn't see Taylor do any of the things that this article talked about. If she did, it was way more subtle than the author makes it out to be. I wouldn't have been surprised to see it though. Taylor Swift has begun to really annoy me. I do not predict longevity for this girl. She can't write teeny-bopper break up songs for the rest of her career. What happened, Taylor?

worki... workingmama86

Did you see that girl's hands on justin's waste in the beginning of the video when he walks over to talk to someone (before Selena and Taylor walk in)? She was sitting down and he was standing by her talking...  hmmm... I just find that a little odd. 

Laqueria White

taylor is wrong for that and so what if she is rich that has nothing to do with it so yall need to stop with the crap about this so what if they kissed on the cheek that really disent matter im so mad at some of these comments so just stop with this plz!!!!!!

tuffy... tuffymama

LaQueria says that punctuation is a terrible thing to waste.

WifeM... WifeMomStudent

Lol that was an awkward kiss. Looks like they were about to make out and then changed their minds

nonmember avatar m lowry

i am beginning to think taylor swift is a man hater. not a good role model for selena gomez.

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