'Teen Mom' Not Cancelled After All

teen momHUGE news Teen Mom fans! The rumors that we'd never see our favorite mama drama are proving to be just that: rumors. The show isn't cancelled after all. We're finally going to see young moms and their kids on MTV again ... and soon.


We knew that at least a portion of Teen Mom 3 was shot, with 16 & Pregnant stars Alex Sekella, Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, and Briana DeJesus. But when word started leaking that MTV would not be renewing Teen Mom 2, there was plenty of buzz that the four girls' stories would end right where we last saw them.

Not so. MTV confirmed to The Stir last week that there's no exact airdate for Teen Mom 3 yet, but there is definite movement. The folks at Teen Mom Confidential have gotten word that the show will begin airing in August, likely in the time slot vacated by Teen Mom 2 (that's Monday nights at 10 p.m. for those of you who DVR).

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Douthit confirmed on Twitter that she's in New York City this week. Gannon's mom didn't just leave Oklahoma for a vacation. She's in the Big Apple specifically to work on the show because although the bulk of the shows are shot in the girls's individual hometowns, the after-specials, reunions shows, and voiceover work all happens at MTV's headquarters in mid-town Manhattan.

The recent high school graduate has been joined by her co-stars and Teen Mom alum Maci Bookout, host of many of the after-show rap sessions.

As for the fate of Teen Mom 2, who knows. It sounds an awful lot like MTV is committed to moving on, and we can't wait to see what these new girls have to share with the world. Hopefully they've learned some lessons from the stars of the previous two versions of Teen Mom!

Will you be watching Teen Mom 3? Who is your favorite cast member?


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Carrie Sobek

I will admit I have watched the first 2 seasons of 16 and pregnant and then the first 2 seasons of teen mom and as I watched and realized that them being on tv and making money for it, it is not the life of a Teen mom and I really do think it needs to be taken off air because in all reality I dont get a new car every year or even every few months and these girls always had money and blew it and we wonder how these girls was able to have money to get addicted to the drugs your are supplying them with money without having to do anything. Make another show about teen pregnancy because this one is not working and I think giving the wrong Ideas

Marie Buchmann

Yes I will be watching, I have been watching all the girls become adults & watching their child grow so very the very first show :) can't wait for the new season

Tara Cowley

they are doing another season of teen mom 2 chelsea said it on the season 4 reunion.

Tara Cowley

i mean kailyn said it

nonmember avatar Chrissy

The way I look at it the more you glamorize there life style of being a teen mom the money money you pay them there going to keep thinking its ok to have babies and its going to continue to be drama there getting paid for it so why should they stop teen moms In reality don't get paid for drama I'm there life nor to have babies this shows a joke this shows is suppose to be based off real life teens to me it's based of nothing but drama and showing teens it's ok to have babies just to try to be on a show like this it's sad I don't know how many kids I see that say I want to have a babie because I want money then to show a teen mom doing porno like come really that's what we want to show our kids it's ok to have babies then become a porn star? SMH

Ashley Lewis

Honestly I could care less about TM3. I want to know the fate of TM2, those are the girls I've become invested in. I care about their lives and want to see them succeed. I hope Janelle's antics haven't ruined TM2 for us!

arade... aradenheimer84

I dont care if they continue the series bit the first and second teen moms need to be cut off. They are no longer "teen" moms. They are young afults and need to live their lives

Stephanie Sherlock

Ashley, that is the way I feel. I am not really interested in meeting new girls. I watched Teen Mom, but I like the girls from Teen Mom 2 much better. I'm not a fan of Jenelle, but I would like to see what happens with Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn.

Amy Gura

Same here, not interested in new girls. Bring on the girls from Teen Mom 2..could care less about Jenelle, but I love the others!

LauraJean Snyder

I love watching this show. I would love to watch all these kids grow, and hoping that Jenelle grows up and stops doing what she is doing so she can be a mom to Jace. 

I would have to say that my favorite Teen Mom is Leah. She is such a strong person!!!!

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