Robert Pattinson Needs to Move Out of Kristen Stewart's House if He Wants Their Breakup to Last

kristen stewart robert pattinsonWhether you're a die-hard Twihard or not, you probably heard the news: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up. Again. And this time it genuinely sounds for real. People magazine originally reported the news over the weekend -- and regardless of their being a gossip trade, they still are a credible source. So, yeah. Sounds like this really might be it. Single tear. 

Now. I think you and I both know that following such a juicy piece of gossip, hundreds, if not thousands, of rumors are bound to surface. I can see the headlines now: Kristen Stewart Gets Actual Fang Implants and Bites Robert in His Sleep!; Robert Pattinson Seen Having 4-Way Sex in Broad Daylight Post-KStew Breakup!; KStew and RPattz Get Back Together for 10 Minutes Before Having an All-Out Brawl!

But one rumor in particular that's already made its way to the Internet has caught my eye: The rumor that Rob and Kristen are still living together.

That's pretty awkward.

An unnamed source stated: "[Rob and Kristen] are going to stay living at Kristen's house because of the dogs. It's not fully over or he would have moved out. They will be back together in no time." Back together in no time? While that's all well and good (and deep down what we really want), is this what's best for both of them? I'm a firm believer that when you break up (multiple times), it's for a reason. As much as we heart the real-life version of Bella and Edward, is it maybe time to say goodbye for good?

I'm not going to lie, if Rob and Kristen are suddenly spotted holding hands walking the Sunset strip, I'll be happy. Who doesn't love these two together? But at the same time, there's a part of me that really thinks these two just aren't meant to be. And there's no way they're going to realize that if they're still living together after a breakup. That just makes things all sorts of confusing.

Do you want to see Rob and Kristen together no matter what?


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Michale Burch Hess

Umm....they are still together. You have nothing to write about, so you and others come up with this idea of having reporting they have split up. GEEZ!

nonmember avatar Krissy

I just want them both to be happy whether that means staying together as a couple or not! If they say they are staying together cause of the dogs maybe that can just be friends for a while and see how that goes for them, either way I know they are popular figures but they are also human beings and need privacy to work things out as well! Just saying, leave them alone for a while and let them decide without all the public drama!

DaveMel Beard

rob should get rid of the white trash ! he can do better. they only hooked up because of twilight. now its over, he can get a better women who will stand by him 100%. once a cheat, always a cheat

spider3 spider3

So Dave she only kissed someone while they were together and he actually has sex with three people while they are together and she's white trash. No he is obviously a loser who can't keep it in his pants. Technically she didn't cheat he did and its probably not the first time he did he's just a hypocrite.

Angela Morin

no they are too young and too much bs has already happened, back and forth why not just forward? Young, famous and rich, just don't mix

Jennifer Dyer-Lee

You say u r a firm believer that if u break up a lot its not meant to be well my hubby and i were off and on for 7 years we got married in 2010 and had our son in 2011 and we couldnt b more in LOVE with each other.So i dnt think how many times u get back together or break up matters the heart wants wat the heart wants and clearly these two are meant to b.Exspecially since the cheating scandel.So just let them be

nonmember avatar AW

Read It seems Rob has been cheating for years. Also i went back to reread all the Twilight carpet events and interviews and it seems Rob smiled big on the scene but left Kristen afterward to be with friends. Not once but most all the times. Given he never wanted to commit, holds his hand in a fist, only smiled when he was paid to do so, spent a week with KP in NY, did not show to Kristen's Runaways, SWATH, or MET events, he sends a clear message. I now get why Kristen was taken advantage of by her older boss. He acted like she mattered. She has been on set from 17 to 22 and as far as I can tell made only this impulsive error and apologized. Rob just spends lots of time with other women and that has been okay. Time for people to realize Kristen has been taken advantage of and she needs to take her lessons learned and move forward in life; without a man. Lose the baseball cap, look beautiful, and concentrate on her career.

Mari Tan

LOL! give it a break, Kristen get advantage of.  Nobody will take advantage to anyone either you are weak or strong. It's all up to you.  You describe their relationship base on pictures, that is a dangerous mind. Where does it says that Rob spend a lot of time with woman- on your mind and reasoning.  Drink more coffee and wake-up you dream a lot. How about rumours that Kristen relationship with her lesbian friends, you didn't read that. Oh her name is Alicia.

nonmember avatar sam

If the media would quit rubbing it in his face every time an article is reported about him n her. How would u feel if someone continue to remind u how your on n off girlfriend cheated on you. It's old news move on. They can't breath without the media knowing they did. Yes it is something Rob is going to have to decide if he can truly forgive her but if he can't end it don't torment her. She is hurting because she thought you forgave her n were moving on with your lives together. So why if u did give her your grandmother's pearl ring why are you back paddling. Are you wanting to pursue someone else? If you weren't sure now than u were sure a month ago. Can't have your cake and eat too. I'm not saying Kristen an angle but you knew how she has been for the last 3 or 4 years you have been together. Time will tell and I hope your heart will heal Kristen and Robert needs to figure out where his heart is and make the right decision.

Timeko Coleman


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