Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Gang Up on Their Exes at the Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift is dominating the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. She took Top Album and six other awards, including Top Country Artist and Top Country Song. And talk about sweet revenge! She beat her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles' band, One Direction, not once but twice. Taylor may be getting some flack on Twitter for hitting some off-key notes, but hey, at least she sang unlike some other people (coughSelenaGomezcough).

Taylor pranced through her new song, "22," in black shorts, a sequened turquoise shirt with a unicorn on it, and a ponytail. I say "pranced," because she didn't really dance. Let's face it, Taylor kind of has that "white man overbite" thing going on.

At 23, T-Swift is a tad old to be trying to hard to be looking and acting like a teenager onstage, however, it's somewhat preferred to Selena Gomez acting like an Indian geisha. If Selena had had a snake, it would have been Britney Spears circa 2001.

Taylor was sitting next to her BFF, Selena, and as Justin Bieber won his award for Best Male Artist, the camera panned to Selena giving a very TIGHT smile. Soooooo I guess those two aren't quite back together after all. Taylor looked like she said something to Selena at the exact moment Biebs took the stage, which hopefully a lip reader will decipher and put on Twitter in ten ... nine ... eight ...

And note here when Taylor is protectively eyeing Sel while Justin kisses Miley Cyrus. Selena also pointedly decided to look for something under her seat when Justin won the Milestone(d) Award. I get the feeling Taylor is going to write a song about Jelena next!

Wouldn't you just love to be at the afterparty with Taylor, Harry, Justin and Selena? It would be so fun to watch them avoid each other until they all got into a drunken brawl. (My money's on Taylena.)

Anyway, congrats to Taylor. So glad Kanye wasn't there to interrupt you this time.

Have you been watching the Billboard Awards? What's your favorite moment so far?


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LostS... LostSoul88

I am not at all a Taylor Swift fan, frankly I am sick of hearing about her and hearing her songs but after watching that video, I have to admit she did damn good at singing for all the moving she was doing. Most artist now a days just lip sing at things like this. Those who are whining she was off key a little will just find anything to bitch about. 

Emmylou Collins

Ahh, the problems of rich kids! 

Sloane Michelle Sanders

She shouldn't have won a country award, considering her music is more pop than anything.....

Megan Michelle Stone

I used to be a huge Taylor fan, but why did she win any country awards? She isn't country anymore..

Skye Lyons

And then, after that, she'll write a song about the guy at Starbucks who didn't give her enough foam on her cappucino... or the guy who didn't wave at her limo... or the guy at the DMV....

Oh, to be the person who can brainwash tweens into being dumb tramps.

nonmember avatar kitty

At least she sings about real life events

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