Watch Tan Mom's Astoundingly Bad Music Video at Your Own Risk

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tan mom patricia krentcil

It's Tan Mom ... biiitch. Are you ready??? begins a new music video by Patricia Krentcil aka "Tan Mom," and it just gets worse from there. TMZ had obtained exclusive rights to the video, which is being hailed as possibly the worst music video you have ever seen. That pretty much nails it. The video features 45-year-old Krentcil and all her browned and saggy bits sexing it up in tight outfits and rubbing herself againt random men, singing about how she's so much hotter than Teen Mom (Farrah, I guess?) and Octomom. It's so astoundingly bad it's awesome.

We were able to decipher some of the lyrics (some of which she does sing), but not all, sorry. It was impossible to replay this video because you can really only watch this once without burning your eyes out.

Heres' our best guess at the chorus:

My name is Tan Mom, tanning as a mom, but I'll be in my tanning booth, but outside the [something] sun, the flowers in the sun, and lets have fun on the [something something].

Maybe you can figure it out and tell us -- click to watch the exclusive Tan Mom video on TMZ.

Good luck.

We're sorry.

Did you get through it? Overall impressions?


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Doc Gaffer

The video was very interesting but I liked this one better.

tifferie tifferie

Barf. I wonder how much she paid that guy to touch her.

Coles... Coles_mom

....there are no words....

Carlee Ann Easton

I made it through the first 30 seconds. I echo Cole's mom... no words.

Cel7777 Cel7777

Speechless. Perhaps less time in the tanning bed and more time at the gym? Her body seems to be lacking even basic muscle tone, and looks like that of a much older woman.

flowe... flower_momma

It is time to shut my laptop.

Golde... GoldenEagle183

She obviously has a few screws loose and yet she got paid for this.  Maybe I should do something to

bring in a few extra bucks for my family.

nonmember avatar Lisa A

OMG! Is she drunk? Seems like it! That guy in the video should be so embarrassed! No amount of money is worth putting your face on that video!

da_mi... da_miranda

was it made around the 80's ...???

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