Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Break Up & This Time It's REAL

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartIt's a sad, sad day, everyone!!!! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have really broken up, you guys!!!! No really. No REALLLY. Do you notice all the soggy tear marks over these sentences?!!! Do you notice all the exclamation points to try to convince you we really believe this latest bit of gossip, and that we're absolutely distraught?!!!! Okay so, no, it's probably just all bullshit again. Or a day that ends in "a-y." Yes, we know we all have a right to be skeptical. But we have to go with this, you know, because it's our duty to the entire Bella and Edward-loving world. We have to be positively wrecked by this news even though these two break up every other day and it doesn't surprise us in the least.

Yet there is one thing about this recent rumor that makes us wonder if this time, it's really, kinda, sorta true, and that's ....

... that People magazine is the one reporting. They tend to have a pretty reliable track record with these types of things. Not like the Enquirer or even Hollywood Life, whose headline on their daily RPattz/KStew post this morning reads:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Won't Be Breaking Up Anytime Soon Despite Relationship Rut'

Oufff -- talk about opposites day. According to People, "the source" (yes, there appears to be only one) says the beginning of the end happened when Rob blew off Kristen for his 27th birthday party. She had planned a gathering with some friends, but Rob said he wanted to keep it low-key and just hang out with some guys. Slam.

The only question remains now is who did the deed. Did she tell him to eff off after such a major diss or did he passive aggressively pull that stunt because he knew it would cause a big fight, making the split up mutual?

Oops ... there we go speculating on details of something that probably isn't real in the first place again. Even the People headline contains the phrase "-- For Now" ... in it. It's the game, gotta play it.

Honestly, we just can't imagine a world without these two together so they can constantly break up. Things just wouldn't feel right anymore, which is why we pray this news isn't true so we can continue to keep guessing.

Nevertheless, now might be a good time to stop and meditate on this heavy bit of news and try to figure out what it all means. But don't try all that hard, everyone, for tomorrow is a brand new day.

Do you believe this latest rumor?


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Taylor Prewitt

can't accept it, wont accept it.....

nonmember avatar Dela

It's sad that we never hear the truth from anyone. The loyal fans have been jerked around over the years yet they still support them. It's time these two grew up and stop all this drama. There is no award for their relationship performance. I never saw any other celeb do this. They smile for the camera and treat their fans with honesty. The fans supported them and helped make them millions. This cat and mouse game has to end. I think they make a great couple and could ride this fame all the way to the top for years to come. But end it this way and they are toast.

Lulu Collazo

He will regret this FOREVER! I already feel sorry for both, but for him, specially.  Regret will follow his every move, his every new date, his marriage to whomever, his parenthood.  He'll be wasting away his life cause he could not handle the pressure and defy the media.  Another casualty of "war".

Dixie Jewel

@Lulu.....LMAO..." He will regret this forever" LMAO...that is a good one.
SHE is the one that has something to regret forever. She is the one that cheated in the first and helped to break up a family. She is the one that pissed on her relationship with Rob. She lost a good man through her own stupidity and lack of morals.

nonmember avatar JG317

Well, you cannot say the man did not try his damnedest to make it work. They have not ever been the same since July. If you are honest with yourself, all the hopeful comments about pictures showing just how far apart they were were seeing what you wanted versus what was there. But, once trust is broken, it is almost impossible to rebuild. And, Kristen has done nothing to help her situation. Rob had every right to go slowly, to make her work to earn his trust. And, apparently, she failed. She has no one to blame but herself, her own immaturity & selfishness led down the road to ultimately destroy what was likely one of the only stable things in her life. I wish her well. I really do. I hope this is the wake up call that she needs to show her that you cant have it both ways, you can't treat people badly and think that they will stick around and put up with your bs because your "Kristen fucking Stewart". I hope she takes a long hard look at how she's conducted herself over the last 2 years or so, gets some perspective and cleans herself up.
Rob is going to get the shaft for this. The boards are already full of lemmings accusing him of leading her on, being cold & distant and ,oh the irony, even cheating on her. My hope is that he knows that there are those of us who just want him happy & who understand that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it back. And dragging it out is just painful to all involved. Onward & upward, Love.

nonmember avatar icha

I hope not. the last news that I heard said that they want to get merriage, by the ring that he gave for her b'day gift.I hope this is just a kind of issue. cz they two are the match and perfect couple for me.

hello... hellokd87

Him not wanting to spend his birthday with her is a seriously major diss. There are times my fiancee is invited to guys only outings & he doesn't like to go because i can't. I've encouraged him to go but he says it doesnt feel right. Now he & Robert are two different people, but Rob comes across as being that guy pre war. It just seems that he's annoyed with her now

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