'RHOOC's Vicki Gunvalson Is Setting Herself Up for a Big Heartbreak

vicki gunvalsonI thought for sure that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson would finally come to her senses this season and dump that prick Brooks Ayers, but no such luck. The 52-year-old reality star told Life & Style that she and her deadbeat Mississippi boyfriend are still together, despite continued protests from her 26-year-old daughter Brianna and Brianna's military husband, Ryan.

Vicki told the magazine:

I’ve got different pockets in my life. I’ve got my daughter and Brooks. He’s got his own place. So I go to his house, and we’ll watch a movie, or we go out. I’m not forcing Briana to spend time with him.

Vicki, my dear. If you have to separate your loves into pockets, isn't that a bad sign?

Clearly Vick's not one for noticing red flags. She's ignored the fact that he's a deadbeat dad who can't pay his child support; she's ignored the fact that he has a proven history of manipulating women across the nation in order to get to their money; she's ignored the fact that 20/20 profiled him as a scoundrel out to take advantage of kind women; and she's ignored the fact that every single person in her life (including the fans!) hates him.

It seems that nothing will change her mind about Brooks, which is too bad. She'll just have to learn the hard way, because rest assured, this dude is, as her daughter points out, an opportunist looking to cash in on Vicki's fame, money, low self-esteem, and loneliness.

Absolutely nobody, except Vicki, will be surprised by the magazine covers in a few months that will inevitably describe how Brooks has been stealing from her bank account, has purchased luxury items on her credit cards, has lied, cheated ... etc. It's only a matter of time.

You guys. I miss Don.

What do you think Vicki sees in Brooks?!


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Cheryl Legnosky Dorman

We all miss Don...except vicki!  Its a good thing she has some business sense because she doesn't have much else! Just sayin...


Carla Selman

Vicki may be a smart woman when it comes to Insurance. But when it comes to life and common sense and men (excluding DON) she is as dumb as a box of rocks.. If she has that much money and can just give this leech her credit card, then she deserves what she gets.. She could take that credit card and go buy that amount of money that he has spent and take it to a shelter or give it to the red cross..js..

Evelyn Kiefer

I don't like Brooks either but sometimes a woman meets a man that she knows is bad for her but he draws her in like a magnet and no matter what he does she can't stay away.  It happened to me but fortunately I was able to get out of the sick relationship.  Vicki needs to dump this loser now.


white... whiteragland

Vicki, wake up. Brooke used u not real love. He is deadbeat dad, using ur money with his eyes wheerling fortune not ur Love.... Turn him away.. go Back with Don who are so faith in u.. u need protct ur daughter Brianna and ur grandson.. Think of ur life hapiness with New Grandson u enjoy not scamer Brooks.... Move On...... I love u become of Not tamra.....

Kelly Lewis

Oh Vicki!!!!!  Admit you made a mistake and try to get Don back!  He was good to you. You just took him for granted and he got tired of it.  Admit you were wrong and hope it isn't too late.  Pleeeeease save yourself the heartache and stop seeing Brooks.  He's using his new teeth you bought him to wine and dine other women!!!  Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!  LEAVE HIM!!!!   YOU CAN DO BETTER!!! I PROMISE!!!



Reali... Realityaddict

Did anyone else notice, clearly Vicki didn't, he just didn't seem that into her at this dinner....just sayin


nonmember avatar Jenna

I think all of the plastic surgery Vicki just had testifies to her self-image, which is very poor. Brooke gives her the male attention she craves, despite the fact that he is just so gross in every way. Guaranteed that if someone else paid her decent attention, Brooks would be a misty memory in a NY minute. I think she is basically a nice person but has been muddied by the cray-cray Orange County lifestyle and surroundings. I can't even imagine that she--or anyone, for that matter--has befriended that totally evil, trailer-park Tamra. YUCK. Eddie? Can you hear me?

nonmember avatar Twin

Whatever, y'all, Vicki is safe! 20/20 profiled Brooks as someone who takes advantage of KIND women. Hello!

Lisa Simmons Crosby

I sort of remember Don as being a jerk, too. Didn't he call her a bitch in front of all of her friends and their husbands? Didn't he throw himself into the women's gossip like he was one of them? Hopefully she will at least hide her wallet and credit cards when Brooks is around-of course he's a textbook gigolo.But she's supposed to be a grown woman, and for her to let that little brat son-in-law of hers lecture her like she's a teenager is unreal. It's one thing for her daughter to voice her opinion-that's different-but for him to be lecturing her about what he will put up with, and what he disapproves of. Wow. I know what I'd tell him-I'd be sorry to see my grandchild go, but I'd pack his bags for him. Or else I'd tell him to mind his own business and watch how he thinks he can talk to me in my own house. That blows my mind! I thought Vicki's victim days were over when she got her divorce, but by the time the baby can talk she'll be letting the kid tell her what she can and can not do also! It's called a backbone Vicki!

Lisa Luckasson

I can understand where Vicki is coming from as I went through it myself, however, I feel she is making a fool of herself, she is lonely and probably tired of all the drama in her life. I heck she has Tamara in her life that is so loud and annoying, why does that women always scream and she is always right no matter what! Eddie you need a medal or maybe move on! Vicki has just chosen to learn things the hard way, lets just hope that her family, no matter what they feel about Brooks and true friends will be there to support her. But one last thing, Her daughter and husband and that beautiful little boy think that can run that household? Vicki is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants, them holding that baby over her head is a crime!!

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