Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's 'Separate Lives' Must Mean the End Is Near

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartLook out, people -- there may be trouble in paradise for everyone's favorite vampire couple. (For real this time.) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's rocky relationship seems to be getting a whole lot rockier, especially considering the two of them aren't really spending much time together these days.

Even though a source told E! News that they're "crazy in love" and "are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now," you know how the old saying goes. Actions speak louder than words.

The source added, "He's been hanging out with the boys a lot, and she's been with her girlfriends. They seem to be living separate lives at the moment, I haven't seen her around at all."

Separate lives, huh? Yeah, that's never a good thing. Usually when couples are really in love and thinking about taking things to the next level, they can't bear to be away from each other -- and it's their other friendships that suffer, not their own relationship. Yes, it's normal for Rob to want to hang with the boys and Kristen to want some girl time, but if what this source says is true and they really aren't together much at all these days -- it certainly doesn't bode well for their future.

Honestly, it almost seems like they're forcing themselves to remain a couple or something. It's like they want to prove everyone who assumes they're eventually going to break up wrong by dragging this thing out as far as it will go. Oh come on, how many "bumps in the road" can a couple have before they wake up and realize it's probably just not meant to be?

And maybe Kristen having time with the girls and Rob chilling with his boys is exactly what they need to realize they just might be better off apart then they are together. Sure, Robsten was great while it lasted, but nobody is gonna die if these two don't wind up together for the long haul.

Although I'm sure more than a few Twihards will be traumatized for the rest of their lives.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are headed for a breakup?


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lovem... lovemy2sons25

Sometimes people just need their space, and since they are not married or have kids together they can do that. I hope they make it, I love them as a couple!!

nonmember avatar ShiningStar

I sincerely hope so. I think Rob's done all he can to help her reputation, he's gone way above the call of duty in this. Now let him alone.
His friends are great, classy and talented.
Her's, not so much, which tells you a lot.
He really is one of the good guys.

nonmember avatar hollywood22

Jesus, how many articles can you have a day about how "UH OH, trouble in paradise for Kristin and Rob! They haven't seen each other in 2 days and she was seen having a heated phone conversation. YIKES!!1!!" Seriously, get over your hang up on these two.

Vivian L. Morrison

Find it hard to believe since they just spent her birthday together and he went all out for her and then they were at Coachella together and then recently spent his birthday together (5/13) and heard they were going to Cannes together and then camping together. I have been married to hubby for 21 years and we spend time together when he is off and time with our friends...separately...if is fine to have guy/girl time and just because he is with his friends and she is with her's doesn't mean they are will be all over the net and gossip mags and gossip TV when they do

Wileen Byroads

IF ROB IS SMART HE WILL DUMP HER now! He will never get over the cheating! She has no one to blame but herself! She is EVIL! And so is KATY PERRY! Get some better friends ROB not ones that DRAG you down all the time!

nonmember avatar Dena

Actually, they were just seen out and about, kidding and hugging. This website is filled with pathetic wannabe journalists!

Jeannie Seely

You people are sick. Anything for a buck or a reader. This is it for me. You are off my facebook account. If they do break  up it is because of articles like this. They need their privacy and space.

Nelly Winters

Absoluut, het is ook beter zo want ze passen niet bij elkaar.

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